Monday, March 5, 2012

Winding down....

Our "summer Vieques vacation' is winding down. We have  two more days left here on Vieques and lots to do!  Wednesday~ Tracy, Kosti and Cori head home and Jay and I head to Mom and Dad's in Arecibo.
We have some other stories that are just to.... well just too ..... so you'll have to ask about the stuff tooo too   to put in print.  Interesting though!

Tonight we're not sure if we're going to head to Chez Shack for ribs and dancing or go fishing with Dindin and have a cookout on the beach with what is caught.  I'm voting for the Beach Cook out! I have treasures and my new Coach purse to package up and send back home.  Of course I have to spend some more time with the Paso Finos and who knows what else.   Wow, this time went fast.  While I love it, I always love spending time with Mom & Dad and then getting home.  I love my home and my people and my Pupper!

This trip is always a marking of time for me.  I look at what has happened in our lives and the world since our last trip here and anticipate what the future year will bring.  I love going home mid March  as it's closer to summer and then there is the opening of Chase's Farm Market (my favorite day of the year!) and that means summer is right around the corner.   

The last 12 months have been good!  Our family are all healthy and happy,  We had the addition of our Little Max Man!  We have renewed an old dear friendship with Jesse and his family, work has been great for me and the Wedding business is looking up.    Here's hoping the next are just as good.  I love the anticipation of what the future holds.  I know that Mark & Marci will move into their new home, Michael will graduate and I'm going to visit my Uncles and their families in May....who knows what else will happen.... I love the thought of the possibilities!

I can't do a blog entry without a photo from here, so I leave you with our rules....

We tried to live by these rules....
We did add a rule after this picture was taken, thanks to Maurya... it is
...and   sometimes we do shots! 

So my friends, the entries will slow down until we get home.  At Mom and Dad's there is sometimes cell service, and no internet connections!  Arecibo is kind of off the grid.  When we get home next week, I will bring you all up to speed.  Until then,  love you all!  See you soon.....

                                                   We'll be sure to bring warmth and sunshine home!!!!!!!


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