Sunday, February 24, 2013

Phase I of the 2013 Adventure....

Well Popi and I had a wonderful phase 1 of our 2013 adventure!   We arrived in Aricebo on Wednesday and spent the next four days with Mom!  Glorious weather, delicious food & Mom.
Well this year there were no cats, but dogs, birds, roosters, and of course what would Puerto Rico be without horses, horses, horses and more horses.

Pictures will follow soon.  Kosti brought me his big boy computer this year ~ which is wonderful, but it doesn't have the program I need to develop my pics.  So we'll take care of that tonight.

Okay, back to Arecibo!  As always an adventure when we travel.  How exciting.  Mom has parrots, Puerto Rican parrots in the trees, flying by, visiting in the back yard.  That was new this year.  I had a great time helping in the yard.  Oh how I love to garden, for real in February.

Last night we experienced the newest thing yet.  Let me tell you Rush has nothing on Arecibo! Nothing.  Around 10 pm while watching TV, we heard what I thought was a little trickle of rain.  Nope.  turned out to be the locals going out for drink, about 50 of them on horseback!  Way to avoid DWI!

Well, we are onto Phase 2 of this year's excellant adventure.  I wanted to start and say, we're here!!!!  Me and the boys waiting for Mark and Maurya to start phase 3 tomorrow.

Can I tell you, it had better be fun, cause right now, I look more forward to going to see Dr Randy, my dentist, than I am looking forward to Phase 3 of the 2013 adventure!

As always, I miss the Sadie Girl!   I know this post is very boring, but I wanted to start somewhere.  We'll be back soon with pics and details as the 2013 adventures really gets underway...


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Another year!

Wow,  another year has come and gone.   I love everything about this time of year that has become a ritual in our lives.  It's the last few days before we make our annual trip south  to Islands of some sort.  I think I've lost count.  I have to go back and figure out how many years we have been doing this.   Let's go backwards and figure it out together.   Last year ~ Vieques, Cruz', Hendershotts, Cori....Arecibo(2012),  Year before, (2011) Culebra ~ Arecibo ~ same crew less Cori... Year before (2010) Cruz', Hendershotts, Garganos,  Jeanine... Year before (2009) Cruz', Tracy and... Chris and Marvin... Year before (2008) We got married and didn't make the trip!... Year before (2007) Cruz', Tracy and Ashley, Year  before (2006) Cruz', Tracy &..., Cori & ...., Uncle Aden &.....  Year before (2005) First Year!   Cruz' including Josh! & Tracy.... That was the year it all started and we lost Tracy for 7 days... oh my.

So there I have it.  This is our 9th year ~ 8 annual trips.... Wow.... what is really incredible is to look at time since that first trip and how life has marched on.

Well to take a look at the last year, we had a great ~ but somewhat sad trip last year and we said goodbye to Dad.  While we were able to spend time with him when we were there, we knew it would be the last time we saw him and it was.  We headed back down in April for his funeral.

This spring Josh surprised us with his announcement of enlisting in the Marines!  He did it, enlisted, finished bootcamp and is now completing his Combat training.   To say we are proud of him and his accomplishment and the future he has planned is an understatement.

The photo business is getting underway.   We already have 8 weddings booked for this year and I have two for the summer of 2014 booked.

And Sadie Girl celebrated her 13th birthday!  Go my Sadie Girl!!!!!!

Another year and we're all healthy and happy  and it goes on.  This year's trip will be something to write in the blog about I am sure.  Maurya has us all (Garganos, Hendershotts and Cruz' ~ aka The Church of the Blue Durango) going on a 10, i said T.E.N. day cruise.  We are going on the Emerald Princess...  Suppose to be a beautiful ship.   I don't know. Of course we're going in the wake of this current cruise ship diseaster with how many thousands of people stranded on the ship out in the gulf...

Okay, so I just needed to get back to the blog.  I'mmmmmmmmmmm back. 

                         Check back after the 24th of February to get the latest and greatest of
                          our excellant adventure.  Time to go watch Scandal and snuggle my
                          Sadie Girl and Popi... my sweet Valentine Popi Jay <3


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blogging time

Winter is dragging on.   Thank goodness that means our annual trip to islands south!  This year, winter has meant not feeling well.  2013 will go down in history as everyone you talk to has been sick!  Yuck.   

As I've been sleeping, resting and waiting impatiently to feel better, I am so grateful for my Sadie Girl.  She has stayed right by my side for the past 3 days.  She knows I'm not feeling good.  I've always appreciated her love, but never more than now. 

She is calm, she is patient.  She curls up next to me and comforts me in her own way.  She doesn't complain.  She's my Sadie girl.

This year we celebrated her 13th birthday on January 22.  Wow!  My mind knows she won't be around forever, but I have been dreading that she the vet told me she was considered a Senior at 8 years old!  Ha... We'll give them "Senior" won't we Sadie...

Then this brings me to the fact that as our annual trip always does, it takes me away from my Girl for a few weeks.  This year she'll be splitting her time.  I'm sure she'll get lots of love and attention. 

Well, this year the trip I'm sure will be an adventure as always.  Jay and I head down to see Mom in Arecibo for a few days, meet up with Trace and Kosti in Fort Lauderdale and the Mark and Maurya to set out on a Cruise.  10. day. cruise.  Open mind, I am keeping an open mind.  Cruises to me is a large floating hotel.  I'm good in a large hotel for a day or two, then I've had enough.    Open mind.... I am keeping an open mind.

                                             Well, join us as we prepare for this years adventure!

                                                      Janet & Sadie Girl