Monday, February 28, 2011

A glimpse of the Island and my boys!

The last part of the driveway just before you get to Brisas!

30 steps from the driveway to the house. Who needs to walk when I can run up and down steps each day!

The view from our deck.  A little cloudy.  They keep telling us "it is winter here you know".  Like we didn't know.

Winer at Flamenco Beach.  Winter should always look like this.

I can not resist.  I LOVE palm trees!

Jay and Tracy talking engines over a relic from WW2, left on Flamenco Beach in the 70"s.

That's it for today.  You are all up to speed.  You on Island time now with us!  ~J~

Island Time

We are certainly on Island Time now.  Island time really isn't about time.  Not at all!  It's about attitude.  Last night we found "home" base, and we're on Island Time.  Yay!!!!

Let me get back to packing.  Tracy discovered when he got here how well he packed.  He packed one pair of dirty jeans, three pair of shorts, one pair of swimming trunks and 23 shirts!!!  Yep, 23 shirts!  We're only here 17 days, and spend most of our days at the beach.  Oh me.....  my boys. 

Each year we take the ferry to Vieques.  Very economical way to travel.  $2 per person per trip.   (of course we don't count the $120 taxi ride to the ferry terminal).  This yr we just figured on taking the ferry to Culebra.  Again, $2 per person each way.  In the past we have seen that the Culebra line is always much longer and ususally sells out.  With that in mind, we got to the terminal 2 hours early, only to find out 15 minutes before scheduled departure that it was delayed.  We didn't know why, but Kosti and Tracy saw them carrying gears to and from it, definately engine trouble.  Last night, through hanging out with a very well connect local (Mike), we found out that the ferry which brought us over is the ferry that is still at the dock.  Completely broken down. (there are 12 for both islands only three are in working condition now).  They are working on it. We understand it could take a while.  (Island Time).   Mike told us the story how one broke down a few weeks ago on the trip over, the passengers were stuck for 17 hours on the Ocean between Fajardo and Culebra. So glad we made it!!! 

Speaking of our ferry ride, the waters were so rough it was like an hour and a half disney ride... ya know the ones that bounce you all over the place!  Oh yea.  It was fun!!

We made it to PR, to Fahardo, to Culebra.... our next leg of the trip was making it to "Brisas Del Mar", the house we are renting.  When our ferry was delayed, we called Jane and George (the owners of Brisas) to let them know.  When it was finally ready to leave we called again. About 2 hours later,  when we did arrive, we called them to come pick us up, had to call them twice.  Turns out they were at a cocktail party.  Yep they were!  Tracy had already picked up our Jeep for the week, all we could get in it was our luggage.  (that again... packing ... FYI - this year we have more luggage with us then ever!)   Jane and George arrived, they had to take two of us.  They were very concerned about getting us to the grocery store as it was about to close and they "knew we needed bottled water".  Tracy and I were in our jeep and Kosti and Jay went with them.  As Tracy was waiting for the woman behind us to move so he can pull out, George took off.  By the time we backed out of our spot, George was no where to be found.  Tracy and I were lost,  with marginal cell phone reception on this island!  Lost!!!  We finally got through,  Jane gave Tracy directions, we just kept going in circles.  We have never been to this Island, it's late, we have been traveling for over 24 hours, it's dark out, and we are driving in circles.  When we got through to Jane again, she said, "Oh just ask someone how to get to where we are".  We did and we found them.

We made our way to "Brisas Del Mar".  Kosti and I picked this house because it has a "deeping pool".  I got a little nervous when Jane told me a few weeks ago to make sure we had a good  4 wheel vehicle, we would need it for the driveway. Yep, she was right.  We need it.  Worse then I imagined!  Keep in mind it was dark.  Which may have been a good thing.  Here we go again another theme park ride to get to our house.  Think steep, rutted, steep, twisting, steep, dirt road and steep!  Now what you are imagining, make it worse! Oh yea.  We have made a rule for this trip.... " when we leave the house in the morning, we don't come back for anything until we are ready to come home to sleep"  "When we come home for the night, we don't leave"  "no running in and out, dropping off or going back cause we forgot something"

"Brisas Del Mar",  I love that all houses are named.  When we go to Vieques we stay at "Vivo Grande".  Living Large and yes we do there!   I should have thought more about "Brisas Del Mar"... would have realized they really meant Winds with views of the sea!... they are beautiful views, but it is windy up here.  So much so that Tracy is working on his next plan..."Hendershott Electric Company of the Islands".  (Opps I shouldn't give away his business plan, sorry Tray).

Brisas, well it's like a cottage on Conesus Lake, rural, rustic, our home for the next two weeks. And the
"deeping pool".  It is pie shaped, about half the size of a 8 person spa, and not heated.  It's winter here, the water is COOOLLLLDDDD.  So much for "deeping"

Well to bring us to this morning.  Tracy and Jay are still sleeping.  Alright it is 9am and Kosti and I have been up since 8.  We're on Holiday!  I guess they can sleep in.... Last night we went to an Oscar party we were invited to, only to be ignored by the bartender  (the person who invited us).  We left, and drove around the Island looking for a place that was open.  We ended up at KoKomo's.  There were the four of us and three or four others in the bar.  They welcomed us in and were very nice.  We ended up talking to a guy sitting at the bar, Mike and making friends with the bartender, Jenna.  Turns out Mike owns the place and about a half a dozen other operations in town.  Good guy to know!   Felt like home.  (Maurya~  We talked about you and Mark all night! and how much we miss you and wish you were there).  Mike introduced us to "Wikki".  The "most famous man on Culebra", so we are told.  He's a local musician.  We actually went to see him play on Saturday night, but the "show" was cancelled.  Come to find out, Wikki was at KoKomos.  Hmmmm.

KoKomos ~ Creekside South?  Local ordinace is everything must close at midnight.  To give you an idea how the evening went, at 11:56pm, I locked the front door for Mike and we became his "employees" so we could stay as long as we wanted.  Kosti wiped up the bar... Jay, Tracy and Mike drank shots.  Jenna swept the floor and I enjoyed!  We finally left there about 1:30am.  Had a good night. A GOOD NIGHT!  Oh but the driveway, you ask.. We it made home safe and sound.

I have graduated to Tracy's computer.  I'll try to download a few pics in a little while.  In the mean time.... It's all good and I miss Sadie Girl!          

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Getting here....

We made it.... blogging down here isn't going to be as easy as I had thought.  I am using Kosti's ity bity computer and the internet speed is ... well let's just say it's on Island time.   I do love Island time, so stick with me while I get used to it.  Unfortunately, until I can get on Tracy's computer there are  going to be no pictures.  Perhaps tonight he'll log me on and we'll be good to go. (given the speed of the connection, there won't be many pics until we come home).

Our travels down here were nothing short of a few half hour sit coms.  It all started with ... my men all started the vacation at 5:05 pm Thursday night. This is an important fact on this vacation as none of them had packed yet and the condition they were in when they did pack gave us some good laughs last night and this morning as we are unpacking.  Anyway, they went straight from work to island time.  When Jay did make it home friday morning, he had me pack for him and what did he pack\? a banana, a cheese danish and sandwich rounds.  I kid you not.  Guess what we had for breakfast this am? Well the banana went bad fast, but we had danish and sandwich rounds.

Time to go grocery shopping.  I'll add more later.  The grocery store closes at noon.  Sadie is good. Well taken care of.  \check back soon.    Janet

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In search of the sun.

Will we make it... three days til....  You know, I am really going to need a vacation  after all the work it is taking getting ready for vacation.  Kinda  crazy...

I can't wait to begin our journey.  I love flying with my three guys.  Jay and Tracy take such good care of me.... I want to nothing with those two around.   And Kosti.... our little Russian!  What can I say.  Our flight last year was delayed due to engine trouble.  We spent 10 hours in the Orlando Airport and what did he do?  In his little Russian accent he asked for compensation for our inconvience.  Thanks to Kosti, not only did we get meal vouchers, we also got free round trip tickets for this year!  Gotta love that Russian! What will he score for us this year?  Can he do it again?  Now that will be pushing our luck.  Who knows?  I do know it is always an adventure.

While we have been creatures of habit on this annual trip, this yr we are really shaking it up. Not only are we going to a new island, but when we arrive in San Juan, we are staying in a brand spanking new hotel...... wooo who!  Can't wait.

These last days before the trip are the worst.  My anxiety goes crazy.... I  worry so much about leaving My Sadie Girl.  I usually don't calm down until about 2 or 3 days into the trip.  While I love our vacations, I hate leaving Sadie for so long.  Mark and Marcie are staying with her, I know she will be alright, but I still worry.

Well, That's it for now, gotta go give my Pupper some extra loving to hold her over while we're gone.

                                                            Wish you all were coming with us!     Janet

Monday, February 14, 2011

February is Lingering......

February is lingering here in the North East.  We have had enough.  I've had enough.  I'm counting the days until we leave for Culebra.  This is a new adventure for us.  We are usually preparing for our annual trek to Vieques, but this year we decided to go crazy and try something new..... I have no idea what to expect.  I just know I have seen enough snow this winter.

I was hoping to get a new camera before we left, but I got a new Stainless Steel French Door refigerator!  I love it, I really do, but it's not a new camera.  Jay said I can get it when we return from Culebra,  (I want it now!) . 

So, it's 10 days 'til me and my three guys leave for the warm sunny island of Culebra.  This year, I choose the house.   Usually, Jay and Tracy make the arrangements.  The pressure is on.  I hope it is a nice place, otherwise, it is going to be a long week!  I do know that we have a "deeping pool" (said like my favorite Russian would say it).  I'm a little nervous......

As always, I am a lot nervous about leaving My Sadie Girl home.  Mark and Marci are staying with her.  Still, 17 days away from her is a long time for me!!!

Hey,  Happy Valentines Day!  Gotta go Hug my Dog!!!