Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kim, Johnny & Colt's Engagement Session (and Chachi too!)

Yesterday Kristen and I had the pleasure of spending some time with Kim, Johnny and their pups on the pretext of taking engagement photos.  It was a perfect example of how important and fun engagement sessions can be.

They are getting married this June and the Wedding is going to be on their property.  They decided that they wanted to do their engagement session there as well.  Oh, so many pretty and interesting spots for photos on their property! 

On so many levels, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven (at least in my mind).  They had some old vehicles that we were able to use.  Their beautiful pups came out to spend some time posing for us and Kim and Johnny are so much fun...and we were graced with some words of wisdom from Johnny. 

When we arrived they shared with us that they were very nervous about this session.  After we got going, they decided it was really not that bad and kind of fun in fact!

Kim & Johnny, I think it was the two of you who made it fun!  At the end of the day, we left familiar with the location, met the pups, and were able to put the Bride and Groom at ease with being in front of the camera.

Without more chatter, here are some of the beautiful shots of the day....

I love that Colt & Chachi are looking towards the camera!

Johnny's words of wisdom, if you're going to walk on rocks or wood piles, when you take a step onto it, "commit!"  "Commit!" great words of wisdom from a Groom!
Thanks Johnny for your insight! 

So pretty!

      What a great location, I have always wanted an old truck for a photo.  I think I've
       even told Kristen if I can find one cheap to buy, I may!  I love old rusty trucks
       in photos.

                                       ... And now, Colt's portfolio!

Thank you Kim and Johnny for being so much fun ~ and for letting me spend some time with Colt! 

This promises to be one fun wedding!

Well ~ as we are entering our busy season and I have lots on my mind these days, so check back soon.   More posts to come.

For now, my Sadie girl is waiting to go for a little walk!