Friday, February 3, 2017

Plumbing, Pokemon Go and Tacos....

Where does the time go?   I don't know but it sure seems to be moving faster and faster each day.   We have all been together this season for a little over a month now and there are oh so many stories.  How do I choose?    ~ I'll take a stab at starting.....

We got here in enough time to ring in 2017 and celebrate Tracy's Birthday.   Each decade, Tracy does something memorable to celebrate.   In the past it has been a tattoo.   This year to ring in half a century, with  Kosti, his Mom and her husband,  his Sister,  his Daughter,  her fiancĂ© and his grand-babies, he decided to celebrate in St. Croix!  Jay and I sat out this trip.....

Two weeks apart... seemed like an eternity.... but it ended and the boys made it back home safe and sound after a glorious and fun vacation.   

Wednesdays are for walking.... and Pokemon Go!  

Actually, I've been walking at least 5 miles each day. I am determined to leave a bunch of all this extra weight I have been hanging on to in Florida this year.  It's been over a month and you would think I would have lost a ton, but NOOOooooo......  Yesterday I realized that the more I walk the hungrier I am.   The hungrier I am, the more I eat.   At first I thought it was okay to eat lots of lean protein, yogurt, fruit etc. It has now dawned on me that calories are calories and I'm eating to many!  I'm obviously not eating right as not a pound has disappeared yet.   Time to do some research and see what I can fix to get this right.   There has to be a way!   I  do feel good about the fact that 21 days of doing something makes a habit.   I've been walking at least 5 miles each day for more than 21 days! I got a Fitbit to use and it has made a monster out of me!  If you have a Fitbit and are up to some challenges message me here and I'll add you as a friend!

Getting back to Wednesdays are for Walking..... Tracy is a Pokemon Go player....   On Wednesdays he heads down to Centennial Park to do some walking, play some Pokemon, get some balls... (guess you have to play to understand).    I do try to help him out from time to time.  I carry his phone with me, quasi playing Pokemon while I walk each day.  I don't understand the game.  I do try to "play" since it's in my hand.  I know it helps if the game is on and I'm logging miles while carrying it, so I do.   Our Kosti man goes to school by day to learn to be a plumber.   After school he heads down to a really sweet second hand boutique to put in a few hours of work.   He does this Monday through Friday.   Around 6 on Wednesdays, we head down to Centennial Park and wait for Kosti to get out of work.   Tracy Pokemons and Jay and I wander.  Tracy racks up the miles and balls, and I rack up the steps!     We wander until Kosti is done with work.   Then we head to downtown Fort Myers for Wednesday Tacos!  You'd think we'd do this on Taco Tuesday, but noooo,   we do Taco Wednesdays!  Dare to be different, right....

So, our Kosti loves plumber school.   He's loving all the testosteroney.   He's learning tons.   He's having fun!!!  On walking Wednesday, it was so exciting for him as he was sent out into the field.  While he was excited, his skin wasn't quite prepared to be out in the blazing sun all day.   He got a little burnt to say the least.     Before we left for the night, we got a call to bring him some aloe leaves to soothe his burning head.  We did head out to Dick's Sporting goods first to pick  up some supplies for him.  We figured we'd get him a sun blocking shirt and hat.  That in and of itself was an adventure.  I am here to tell the people at Dick's that if someone comes in and asks for a sun-blocking shirt, it doesn't matter if it's for swimming or fishing.  It really doesn't! We found a brilliant sales person who showed us all the short sleeve sun blocking shirts in the swimming section.  Tracy asked if there were any long sleeve ones anywhere else to be told "Nope, that'a all we have".   Wandering through we found ourselves in the fishing department, with all kinds of sun-blocking clothing you could imagine..... Dick's please share this info with your sales folks ~ There's more to sunblocking  than swimming!  

We headed out to Centennial Park...Tracy took off on his Pokemon marathon and Jay and I hung out to wait for Kosti to get out of work.  We did have the aloe ready and waiting for him when he got there.   I decided that I need to put some time into adding steps to my daily total.  Jay stayed behind.   By the time I added another 1000 steps and headed back, Kosti was there... I wish I had a camera with me so I could have captured the sight in the park that night!     Use your imagination....Kosti sitting on a picnic table.   He and Jay rubbing an aloe directly from aloe leaves on his head.   His bright red, now shiny head....I guess you really had to be there to appreciate the sight.  Oh if I could only hear what others in the park that night were thinking!

I did break from the walk last week and headed out to an incredible Conference in Orlando.   One of the best I've ever been to!   The Southeast Photo Conference.   I just can't stop talking about it!   If you're a photographer,  you should check it out!   I'm already signed up for next year..... I can't wait!   I tried to keep up with my 18-20k steps each day and in the process, I did learn that if you don't do it right, you can hurt yourself.   The first two days I got all my steps in.  I did about 5k each day in my room, running or marching in place.   I did some damage.   I had to knock down my steps for a few days so my knees could recover..... lesson learned.

Well today is Friday.  Yesterday Tracy and Jay gave me a long list of 5 things I had to do.   Oh how they were over working me!   They didn't feel bad about it, even though I did remind them it is because of the two of them I get to enjoy this lifestyle they have provided me with!   Oh yeah, I am accustomed to it!   I'm getting older, I was only able to remember 3, got them done.....  Life is tough.   I do know how fortunate I am.   I am grateful to my boys/men for everything they have given me and do for me.   They did tell me that it was my day to cook dinner, oh yeah that was one of the "to do"s.   Pizza!  (and I didn't make it) .  

I am no cook, I will not pretend to be a cook.  I don't like cooking, I can't cook... that's all there is to it!    Well this was not such and exciting post.   

Hold tight..... Tracy and I are heading to Key West next week.   That is a "Bucket List" place for me.   I can't wait.... there are a few men I love and don't know..... Michelangelo, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel and Ernest Hemingway!   Ernest Hemingway ~ here I come!   Stay tuned!!!!