Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In search of the sun.

Will we make it... three days til....  You know, I am really going to need a vacation  after all the work it is taking getting ready for vacation.  Kinda  crazy...

I can't wait to begin our journey.  I love flying with my three guys.  Jay and Tracy take such good care of me.... I want to nothing with those two around.   And Kosti.... our little Russian!  What can I say.  Our flight last year was delayed due to engine trouble.  We spent 10 hours in the Orlando Airport and what did he do?  In his little Russian accent he asked for compensation for our inconvience.  Thanks to Kosti, not only did we get meal vouchers, we also got free round trip tickets for this year!  Gotta love that Russian! What will he score for us this year?  Can he do it again?  Now that will be pushing our luck.  Who knows?  I do know it is always an adventure.

While we have been creatures of habit on this annual trip, this yr we are really shaking it up. Not only are we going to a new island, but when we arrive in San Juan, we are staying in a brand spanking new hotel...... wooo who!  Can't wait.

These last days before the trip are the worst.  My anxiety goes crazy.... I  worry so much about leaving My Sadie Girl.  I usually don't calm down until about 2 or 3 days into the trip.  While I love our vacations, I hate leaving Sadie for so long.  Mark and Marcie are staying with her, I know she will be alright, but I still worry.

Well, That's it for now, gotta go give my Pupper some extra loving to hold her over while we're gone.

                                                            Wish you all were coming with us!     Janet

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