Sunday, February 24, 2013

Phase I of the 2013 Adventure....

Well Popi and I had a wonderful phase 1 of our 2013 adventure!   We arrived in Aricebo on Wednesday and spent the next four days with Mom!  Glorious weather, delicious food & Mom.
Well this year there were no cats, but dogs, birds, roosters, and of course what would Puerto Rico be without horses, horses, horses and more horses.

Pictures will follow soon.  Kosti brought me his big boy computer this year ~ which is wonderful, but it doesn't have the program I need to develop my pics.  So we'll take care of that tonight.

Okay, back to Arecibo!  As always an adventure when we travel.  How exciting.  Mom has parrots, Puerto Rican parrots in the trees, flying by, visiting in the back yard.  That was new this year.  I had a great time helping in the yard.  Oh how I love to garden, for real in February.

Last night we experienced the newest thing yet.  Let me tell you Rush has nothing on Arecibo! Nothing.  Around 10 pm while watching TV, we heard what I thought was a little trickle of rain.  Nope.  turned out to be the locals going out for drink, about 50 of them on horseback!  Way to avoid DWI!

Well, we are onto Phase 2 of this year's excellant adventure.  I wanted to start and say, we're here!!!!  Me and the boys waiting for Mark and Maurya to start phase 3 tomorrow.

Can I tell you, it had better be fun, cause right now, I look more forward to going to see Dr Randy, my dentist, than I am looking forward to Phase 3 of the 2013 adventure!

As always, I miss the Sadie Girl!   I know this post is very boring, but I wanted to start somewhere.  We'll be back soon with pics and details as the 2013 adventures really gets underway...


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