Tuesday, March 6, 2012

There is always one last story...

Today we got chased down by angel fish.  It was the suckling angel fish that terrified Tracy and bit Kosti's same nipple twice. Now we know what it feels like to be a haddock.    This is as dictated by Kosti, Jay and Cori after the latest formula for the greatest Rum Drink ever created. the  "Karibbbean Kosti".  Don't ask what's in it.... it's a little bit of this and a little bit of that and of course Rum....   You'll just have to stop by Cruz' Tiki Bar this summer to taste it!

Last year it was the roosters.  This year its the angel fish.  Today we went to Secret Beach.  Opps, guess the secret is out....It's an out of the way beautiful crescent of a beach, a cove that not to many people go to. For our last day we wanted  the warm sunshine and water of the Caribbean.  Unfortunately for Cori, we found a spot near a few bees nests.  Didn't bother the rest of us, but Cori has a crazy reaction to bees.  She had to either sit near or stay in the water.   It sucks doesn't it?   While Jay and I were in the water we noticed two angel fish swimming around us.   They were so close, you just wanted to pet them.  One kept nibbling at my bathing suit.  I thought it was the blue of it.  Until Tracy joined us in the water and they went straight to him and began nibbling at him.  He explained to us that while they may look harmless they are actually predators as they were attracted to the flapping on the water, caused by Tracy as he tried to scare them away.  Cori's theory is they are piranha angel fish.  The fun of the day, which is hard to convey here, was Tracy's girlish reaction to the predator piranha angel fish coming  up to nibble on his belly. We have not laughed that hard in a long time.  It was such a crazy site!  Close your eyes, envision Tracy in the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea flapping his arms and screaming like crazy for these little 4 inch angel looking fish to get away from him!  Such a sight!  One I will never forget.

 You know we are relaxed  and carefree when.... the cat we have adopted, or actually that has adopted us gets the can of shrimp from our refrigerator, and it seems the right thing to do.    All Cori's doing!   Yesterday she had crab and earlier in the week she had tuna.  This poor cat is going to be lost when we leave.

We have an early day tomorrow and  sadly for a brief time, we are all going our separate ways.  It will begin predawn.  Stories to remember.  Kosti and Tracy have a 2 pm flight out of San Juan to head home.  Jay and I will be heading to Mom and Dad's in Arecibo.  (off the grid in Arecibo... so no more posts until the weekend when Jay and I return to Rochester).  Cori has a flight out of Vieques at 9:50am.  This means, the boys and I will catch the 6am ferry and Cori will get a ride to the airport from Gary our landlord.    They tried to return the rental car today, the company won't take the car today, said it has to be returned tomorrow as scheduled.  Tracy told them we were leaving at 6am.  Okay,  Island time, they said just leave it at the ferry dock and they'll pick it up.  Hmmmmm.  Really?  Never know what they will come up with....
We have called our driver Jamie and he will be waiting for us at the ferry dock in Farhardo.  How cool, "our Driver!"

Sorry no pictures today.  We are so winding down, no time for photo's of the day.  We're all in relaxed, chillin mode and there is no ambition to do anything.  When I get home, I do feel the need to tell you more about our beautiful Island of Vieques.  Although we have a new retirement plan and next year we're thinking of going closer to home to look at options.  Closer is all relative, like The Florida Keys.   Hey that sounds like a commercial!

Well until we're back in Rochester,  be safe!

  With Love, Laughter and some great memories..... can't wait to smooch my Sadie Girl this weekend!


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