Friday, March 2, 2012

Odds & Ends... Here & There....

Wow, still so much to blog about, but so little time.  Yesterday we moved upstairs in Vivo Grande, Tracy, Jay & I serenaded Kosti, & Cori joined us (not in that order)  Kosti didn't know what to make of Jay Tracy and I singing to him,  Jay and I cleaned and moved while Tracy and Kosti went to get Cori and Cori made it here safe and sound from California!  Vivo Grande is wonderful, but when you only have the downstairs and not the upstairs apartment, you kind of feel out of it.  To get to the roof, we had to walk by the front windows of the house and more times than not, the people staying there were sitting in the kitchen or living room, kinda awkward.  Also you don't have any view of the streets from downstairs and there is little natural daylight.  So now we have the light!  The move was crazy though, but worth it.  The only downside is the router is in the downstairs apartment, the house is all concrete and the wireless only works in Jay & my bathroom and the back porch.  I love blogging, but I'm not going to blog from the bathroom!  I put my foot down there!!!  Sitting here on the back porch, I feel away from all the action, cause now everyone is either on the roof or on the front porch... So folks blogging may slow down, or be real brief.  Oh, Beach Doggies is open today, so I am going to have to make this short to get there when they open.  It's one of my favorite shops on the Island and on Fridays they sell freshly made delicious breads.

Big news!  Cori joined us yesterday from the west coast!  Yay!!! Finally a female girl around.....  Don't get me wrong, I love having my girl Kosti around... but it's nice to have a girl girl here!   We surprised her with a birthday party when she arrived!   Hmmmmm, imagine that, she didn't even realize it was her Birthday!

I wanted to post this picture as a follow up to an earlier post about the development here.  This is a photo of glass beach.  When we first started coming here ~   years ago, this beach had nothing where these houses are now.  They're pretty, but still..... glass beach ~ soon it will be all water front properties, oh no!

A few nights ago, Jay and I went out to take night photos.  We had lots of fun with that.  Here a few of my favorites... I have a hard time editing on this little machine, so more will follow when I get home!   Hope you like these....

Okay, so I am obsessed with the Paso Finos.  Who wouldn't be?  Particularly when you walk our of a bar at night and there are a few of them on the patch of grass across the street.  This little guy was here with his mom.

                             Maz Azul.  One of our local spots.  That's Dan at the front door.

Below are a few of my favorite night shots around town.

Palm Trees, of course!!!!

                                ...and to end our night...  a Paso Fino on the Malacon.....

                    Well, Cori and I are on our way to Beach Doggies for some shopping.

                                                  Thanks for reading!  Love you all so so much!!!!!!


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