Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What day is it?

So we are here.  We have now successfully reached, "what day is it, never mind it doesn't matter."   This is good.
Exciting news!  Kosti and I took a "deep" in the "deeping pool".  Well not actually a "deep", more like a float.  We put our two floaties in the pool and floated!  We took up all the room in the pool,  it was fun.

Yesterday Jay decided to sleep in.  Well he didn't really decide.  By noon he was still sleeping, and Tracy, Kosti and I let him sleep and left for the beach.  Tracy has been itching to snorkel, everyone we have talked to so far says that Tamarindo Beach has the best snorkeling. Off we went to Tamarindo.  Beautiful beach.  It's on the north side of the Island.  From where I sat on the beach I could see Puerto Rico to my right and Vieques to my left.  I'll post pictures later when Tracy wakes up and I can get on the big kids computer!  (I'm on the itybity one now and strugglin'.)  Tracy and Kosti set out to snorkel while I read on the beach in the SUNNNN!  I love that big yellow ball in the sky!!!  Hey I am on book 2 already, will probably finish it this am.
The biggest news so far, they each saw turtles while snorkeling. Great big giant, protected turtles.  The first time  EVVVERRRR.  Truly exciting.  (the EVVVVERRRR part is for you Maurya, only you will understand!)
It was exciting.  They also saw a ray, and all kinds of fish and coral.
We finished our excursion with a little exploring.  We found "Hendershott Hill".  It is probably one of  the higher points of the Island.  Getting there was torturous for me.  The roads, (if you want to call them that) are all very narrow and steep and most are right along side a cliff, oh me.... We did manage to upgrade our vehicle to a four door jeep.  Just like Tracy's at home and I mean, Just like it!  Same color and all.  So we have a bigger 4 wheel drive vehicle.
Last night I fell asleep and the boys went out to dinner without me.  I slept through the whole night!  They had fun.  They found a pizza place that served more that pizza and apparently was great food.  More importantly they met Greg, the manager of the pizza place  (the pizza place come to find out that Mike owns).
They became fast friends with Greg and after eating sat there all night drinking with him.  (I'm thinking there is going to be a theme).  They asked Greg about Culebritta (it is the small - giggle- island off the coast of Culebra) the beaches and snorkeling there are suppose to be spectacular.  Welllllll, Greg tells us about his friend "Brad" (4th time we have heard Brad's name so far this trip in relation to going to Culebritta) and in fact Brad is his friend.  So at 10:30pm Greg called Brad and arranged for him to take us to Culebritta for the day on Sunday.  Amazing.  I'm thinkin life doesn't get much better than this and it's all about people and relationships.    I love this trip!
I'm not sure what we are doing today.  Tracy and Kosti are still sleeping.  Jay and I are having coffee on the porch in the SUUUUNNNNN!
The only thing that would make this better, (besides having my kids here) would be to have Sadie here!

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