Friday, March 4, 2011

Tracy is in Jersey Today...

So, Tracy left us for a few days to head back up north for a meeting.  Bummer for him.  Let's see... yesterday as you saw was Turtle Thursday.  Very cool!  So the day before was Wednesday...  Pretty good that I still remember the days of the week, isn't it?!  

By Wednesday morning, we were all exhausted.   (Couldn't be that the boys stayed up all night to watch Wednesday dawn!)  So we did nothing.  I am on my 4th book.  Boring 86 degree days in the shade.
I did discover that if I get in my floatie in the "deeping pool" and shut my eyes and float, I feel like I am in a real pool!  So much fun.. (Although you don't go anywhere, just stay in the same place.)

I still haven't gotten used to our driveway.... now with Tracy gone, Kosti has taken over the driving.  I make him turn the car around at the top of the driveway before I"ll get in.  Poor Kosti, I'm being such a terribly annoying backseat driver.  

Jay and I did go on a date, to "Susie's" for dinner.  Food was great.   I've decided that you can't go out to eat and be starving, or really hungry.  While the food has been great everywhere.... the scenery beautiful, the people sooo very nice and friendly...... service is on Island Time.  

Yesterday we spent on Tomarando Beach again....  no rain this time...
Today is laundry day   Jay is going to do laundry while Kosti and I go Boutique shopping.  
We did meet MJ from "Island Woman's Culebra's" blog.  Now I have to see if we made it into her blog???  (one of my goals for the trip).  She has a little shop/cart that hours read, "somedays open, some days not".

The weather has calmed down a bit. It's not quite as windy up here at Brisas as when we first arrived.  Now it really is a really nice cooling breeze in the sun!

I miss my pooper needless to say.  The boys just got up,  gotta go have my coffee now.


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