Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tracy & Kosti's Great Big Adventure...

A few things to know about this Island.  First, it was a place the US Navy practiced their bombing skills up until 1975.  That is when they cleared out of here.  (the Navy, not necessarily the bombs).  Second, there is a strictly enforced law here, everyone must wear shirts unless you are actually on a beach.

Now to the boys great big adventure....  We went back to Tamarindo Beach yesterday for the boys to snorkel.  The day before they went to the center and to the left.  We have been told the snorkeling to the right (referring to the pictures posted yesterday) is spectacular.  We got to the beach set up our little "home base" and off they went.  They (Tracy & Kosti, aka "the boys")  decided to walk 3/4's of the way around. There they left their shoes and snorkel gear covers to begin their adventure.  I'm not sure what time it was, as we have lost all track of that concept.  Jay and I watched them enter the water, (we like to keep an eye on them to make sure they are safe).  We were able to track them for a while.  Eventually we couldn't spot them anywhere.  At that point Jay suggested we come up with some type of radar homing device so we would know where they are at all times in the water.  It started to rain a little, drizzle, they need it here, not bad, still paradise.  Anyhow, after hours and hours later what seemed like forever, Kosti comes running from where our car is parked, behind us, not from where they entered the water.  He didn't stop to talk, just ran, grabbed something and ran back towards where the vehicles park.  Jay and I were a little worried as we didn't see Tracy anywhere.  Within a few minutes they returned to us.  By this time the drizzle has turned to out and out rain.  I built a little kids fort with our towels using tree branches to try to stay dry.  Why?  I don't know, it was fun?

The adventure.... they began snorkeling, following turtles and such and after a few hours of just swimming and not paying attention to where they were, they ended up around the peninsula at another beach altogether that you can't drive to, but have to hike to.  At this point they were to tired to try to swim back so they figured they would try to walk.  They began into the woods.  (Maurya, think the woods or machetti man?).  Here they are in trunks, (well Kosti's is more like a speedo with 1 inch legs... don't go ewwww, he has the body for it and youth) no shoes, shirts etc and only their snorkel gear with them.
They eventually come to a gate they can slip through, they squeeze through it to get to the other side and realized the sign said, "danger, do not enter, undetonated bomb  area".  Can you see the headline? "American and  Russian Detonate bombs on Caribbean Island"
They made it through (thank you God) the bomb area without causing harm to themselves or the Island, only to find themselves at Flamenco Beach.  A good distance from where Jay and I are.  They came out to the area where you have to wear shirts and were immediately told so.  They had to explain themselves and then beg a taxi driver to trust them and bring them over to where we're at Tamarindo so they could get their money and pay the fare.  The taxi's here are actually the size of the "special school buses" and carry a load of passengers each trip.  When the driver finally said yes, and they sat down, the other passengers on the bus took up a collection to pay their fare.  For those of us who know Tracy, isn't that the funniest thing?  They politely thanked everyone and explained they really do have money to pay at Tamarindo.  Hence Kosti running and Tracy being held as collateral.  And  so the rain continued.  They really need it here, they haven't had rain since August and that's the Island's main source of fresh water.  When we get home and you see Tracy, you really need to ask him about the adventure.  He tells it much better, I just gave a quick overview.  It really is funny hearing him tell it!
The boys were starving from their long swim and hike so on the way home we decided to stop at KoKoMos to eat.  So now I need to clear up a mistake I made in a previous post.  KoKoMo's is the hotel above "The Sandbar", "da bar" which houses the restaurant, "Juanita Bananas" next door to the bakery.  All which Mike owns.  Mike is still on the main Island, but Jenna was there and it was like old home night.  Met lots of people. People who live on the Island, people who were on vacation, or  visiting for a day and people who were just waiting for the ferry to take them back to the main Island.  We met an older couple, Janet, and I can't remember her husband's name.  She's in her late 70's and he's 87.  Cute little couple.  Retired  now.  Janet and I chatted for quite a while.  Turns out she is from NYC and used to teach at a Community College,  guess what she taught?  You got it!  Developmental studies.  What are the chances?  I am sure if we searched there would be less than 6 degrees of separation between us.  It was a good night all in all.  And somehow the 11pm ordinance of all bars have to close by 11pm has not effected us.
The sun is high right now... and we're ready for a new day!  I miss my Sadie Girl very very much!!!!!!!!!! But I love my Jay Cruz more!!!!!!!!!


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