Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tracy's Back!!!!!!!

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!  He made it back to us to continue our adventures.  While he was gone we did explore the Western tip of the island. The roads were treacherous... I almost had a heart attack on them, kind a scary!  But I made it.  The beaches were beautiful, a little more rocky.  We found a little cove, we think private (the ropes closing it off gave it away) that led to a peaceful, beautiful bay.  The water there was bath water warm.

I have finished book 4, wow exciting, right!

Tracy's trip was fast, long and lots of flying.  He made it back to us yesterday at about 9:30am.  After a little snooze, we headed out to Zoni Beach.  (Maurya, "our favorite").  Zoni is by far my favorite.  I was able to use my floatie, which until yesterday only made it into the "deeping pool".  Once you passed the rocky part, it was smooth floating!  Very nice!   I had these HUGE fish swimming with me....

They looked bigger when they were swimming next to me!

Last night we went out to Mamasitta's for dinner and to listen to Wiki play.  It was fun.  We ran into Jane and George.  We have been doing a really good job using water wisely.  We were worried!  We have only used about 300 gallons so far.  The average family in the US uses about 100 gallons a day per person.   No,  we're not stinking, but we are being very conservative!  We're learning a lot of ways to conserve water.  Kind of an adventure with water.

Anyway, today we are off to Culebritta Island.  Can't wait!  More pics...

Zoni Beaxh!

We came upon Leatherback nesting grounds... you should see their trails in the sand.
These things are huge!

Local Beach Art

I sure hope someone is walking my Sadie Girl!  I miss her so.....  Check back tomorrow, there is sure to be adventure stories from Culebritta!  


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