Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February is Here!

For the longest time I never really liked February.... Then we started to go south for a few weeks and now I can not tell you how much I love this month!!!

The count down to our excellent adventures begins... in two weeks from today we will be at Vivo Grande.  Last year we experimented and went to Culebra.  That was nice, but Vieques feels like our second home.  Not to mention I so love traveling with my husband and the "boys" ~aka Tracy and Kosti~.  I love love love it!!!

This year I am doing something different, I'm going to try to not over pack.  We'll see.  I was going to send stuff down early, but didn't get to it, so now we have to carry everything we bring.  In the past I sent my books (Jay didn't like carrying them all). I usually go through 8-10 a trip.  Thanks to Chris, I am a Kindle convert.  I love my Kindle Fire and it's all fired up (chuckle) with tons of reading material.

In addition to my Kindle, I want to bring my camera (case I get work, wishful thinking... a girl can dream),  my laptop so I can develop the pics while there and blog, and.... Tracy gave me snorkeling equipment for Christmas, so that 's gotta be packed too....  Oh I am in trouble.....

Well,   the only thing that causes me anxiety about this trip each year is leaving the Sadie Girl....   Josh is staying with her this year.  I know she'll be in good hands.  I still worry though.

Well,  I'm back in the blog mode.....   our trip antics always are entertaining, I'm sure this year will be a stellar year for adventures.... Check back in 2 weeks!

It's Sadie snuggle time for a bit.   



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