Sunday, February 26, 2012

Last night I had a crazy dream....

..... 'bout a Russian riding a Paso Fino...  Oh wait, it wasn't a dream, it's all coming back to me now, he really did.   Yesterday was a lazy daze....  Jay and Tracy had gotten too much sun the day before, (which I really don't understand, but I guess their red shoulders 'splains it) so we just hung around Vivo Grande relaxin, reading, and such.   Jay is beating me this year in the book department.  He's on his third and I am just in the middle of my 2nd.  One thing I have found out, the Kindle Fire isn't really conducive to reading out in bright sunlight, so it has slowed me down a bit.  I have to be in the shade or inside to read and that defeats the purpose for me of being here.  Sun!  I need sun!  But on a brighter note (chuckle), Jay is so relaxed that he's reading a Nicholas Sparks book. Hmmm, who'da guessed?

So we decided to hit Esperanza for dinner last night, or more specifically, Bananas.  Yes folks, the one and only Bananas South.  Where I first fell in love with Vieques 7 years ago.  Now keep in mind Island time.  There is no rush for anything.  While sipping on our frozen drinks waiting for our meal to come out.  Kosti, who has been itching to ride a Paso, convinced a kid to let him ride his horse!  ($$$ are the great convincer) Do you think one time was enough for him?  Nooooooooo.   He went 2 more times!  The Kid did pretty good last night.  Good thing our food finally came out, or Kosti might have gone broke paying to ride.  Unfortunately I didn't have a camera with me to capture the joy on his face as he rode down the Malacon.  Oh well, just a reason to do it again!.  Crazy Russian!

Oh, and my "dilemma"  from an earlier post.  I got back to Eileen, let her know I was really confused as the people she "booked" us with were telling her one thing and they had something completely different posted on their website.  When she asked them about it, they said they "just raised their prices and they must have missed something on the website".   Plus on the website, it said "2 hour snorkeling trip to Blue Tang Reef" and in the email, the person said you couldn't get to Blue Tang Reef and back in 2 hours.  So something was pretty fishy and unsettling.  I cancelled the reservations and decided we would ask around once we got here.  We have an have a few names to check out.

It doesn't look as amazing here as in person, but here is a view of the night sky from our roof top.  The stars are incredible!

I was playing with night photography on the roof last night.  Unfortunatly, there is too much light polution from the street lamp in front of Vivo Grande for this to work.  Here's one that I came out with that I think is pretty fun.

It's a beautiful day today!  Jay and I are out on the back deck having coffee.  I just got back from my walk.  I'll tell you, with views on walks like this, I would love walking everywhere all day long!  Beautiful.

So, I thought I'd take some pictures, (practice shooting in BRIGHT sunlight) and share it with you!

To the right is the former "Casa Verde".  Guess I'll have to find another dream house.

I'll take you on  my walk with me.  Some of the sights.  And imagine lots of chickens and roosters making noise, there you have the sound!

Wow, that didn't take long!   My new dream house and it's for sale!   Yea!  Now if no one buys it for the next 5 years, we may be in business.  I'm going to have to work on a name.  It already has one, Bravos 1.  It's in Boston De Bravos. I think it deserves a better name then that.  The house is pretty basic, but the views from the roof I'm thinking are spectacular!  

The rest of the pictures here are from my walk this morning.  Bam!  all right out of the camera.  No editing!  Bright Bright light can be tricky.  I think I'm getting it!

I'm not sure why the watermark is off center with the vertical pictures, sorry!  Just another thing I'll have to fix when I get home.  My walk took me through Boston de Bravos this morning.  I decided to just choose random roads.  It's hard to get lost here as there are a very limited number of roads.  They all eventually lead back to the same place!

If I could garden down here, I'd have lots of tropicals, bananas, palm trees and Orchids.   

The second house here on the right has been in this state for the past 7 years that I have been walking in this neighborhood.  So much for progress in some places.  Really there is nothing different about it.  It has been in the same exact state for 7 years!  Amazing.

So in my first post when I mentioned that we had a hill to climb at the end of our journey, I just want to clarify that it was nothing like the hill at Brisas del Mar.  Our vacation rental on Culebra last year.  This is the hill above that I am talking about here.  Piece of cake.  Except after either a long days journey or a long night drinking!

That's it for today folks.  I'm thinking it's a beach day, cause it's a scorcher out here right now.  Check back soon!

                                                                   Miss my Sadie Girl!

                                                                    Smooches to you all!

                                                                                           Janet & The Boys!

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