Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Dilemma for the day.... What to do?

Last year when we were planning our vacation, I searched and searched and searched for the perfect house that we could afford to rent on Culebra.  I thought I was brilliant when I found the place we eventually stayed at.  Although it wasn't my first, or second choice, (those were both rented) it did sound better than the house where 2 walls of the second bedroom were curtains!   I was particularly drawn to the listing as it had a "dipping pool".  Little did I know, and couldn't tell from the pictures that the "dipping pool" was no bigger than the oversize chair my dog is currently snuggling on in my living room. (if you look back to last Feb/March posts you will see a picture)   Additionally the "deeping pool" wasn't heated, it was winter and the water was freezing.  We went in it once, just to say we went in it once!

I digress.  My point being here, that I am not the best at making vacation adventure arrangements.   The boys were very nice about it, even if the house choice wasn't my finest move, to say the least.  ~  Now if you take that house and plop it at Conesus Lake, it would have met all my expectations~ "dipping pool" and all.  

This year we are heading back to Vivo Grande, our tried and true!  Tracy and I both have January birthdays.  We figured, since the birthdays are ours, we can celebrate them whenever we want.  We decided to change our birthdays from January to February this year to celebrate in the sun!   My first dilemma of the year, what do we get Tracy?   #1 He has everything  and   #2 He gives great gifts.  Ah ha!  It hit me, we always talk about finding someone who would take us out on a boat while in Vieques. Someone who would take us places we can't get to by car and nobody goes to.  So I thought if we could hire to do that, it would be a great gift!  I began searching and came up with a few options.  I emailed our friend Gary down there to ask what he thought of the options.  He gave me an altogether different option then the ones I had discovered.....

I  made a call to the people Gary referred me to and initially it sounded great.  Then I got an email and they've made reservations for us on a completely different option, one I had seen but didn't even consider in the first place because it didn't sound like what we want to do.    It sounds very similar to what we did a few years ago ~ and that was a disappointment.

My dilemma is, am I just not good at choosing adventures, would this be good or disappointing?  I believe what I see and think it looks "perfect" only to be let down.  What to do.  I'm worried that if I make these plans, it will be like the house on Culebra,  "Conesus Lake~ish".  (Or maybe more like snorkeling in Lake Ontario? naw can't be like that, right?) Don't get me wrong, I love renting a cottages on Conesus, boating & swimming there.  I would do it all summer if I could.    But I don't want to go to Vieques for that type of experience.  So do I say thank you and go along with the trip, and pray it's a good experience?  Do I cancel it and go with one of my first options that looks more like what we wanted? ( and that might flop as well?)  what to do????

Guess your going to have to check back after February 23rd to find out.   That's the rest of the story....  That's the day we are tentatively scheduled to go out on this snorkeling trip.  Shhhhh, don't tell Tracy, he doesn't know yet.  Although I might tell him so he can make the call!  I'm not good at surprises. 

Well, this dilemma has been weighing so heavy on my brain that I couldn't sleep.    Maybe since it's now 4:45 am ~  I can go back to bed and fall asleep for an hour or so, or maybe not!  We'll see.  what to do what to do?

FYI,  Sadie is snuggled next to me, snoring away .......


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