Sunday, February 12, 2012

Getting Ready!

I know... we go every year.  You would think with 50+ years of life behind me I wouldn't be feeling like a kid anticipating a trip to Disney World.  Can't help it, I feel like a kid anticipating a trip to Disney World and right now counting down the days! 

There are so many things I love about this trip! I love everything, except leaving Sadie and the travel home.  Even though we go to the same place, (we did wander off course last year and had an excellant adventure) with the same people and do many of the same things, each year there is some little twist we don't anticipate, or plan.  So much fun and making so many memories.  I know when we get to Vivo Grande it feels like our second home.  It has all the amenities of home, it is very familiar, there are great views and we love our landlords!   How funny, we ~ okay I ~  call the people who own Vivo Grande our "landlords",  helps with the illusion if even for a brief time, that it's our lifestyle!   Not to mention at some point in the trip we go spend time with Jay's parents.  Who I love and who love me back as their daughter!   How crazy great is that!  I have Parents I can actually visit!!!!!!!!  Crazy I know, but it's the little things... I love love love spending time with them.

I am not a fan of snow and winter.  I love the anticipation of summer.  I LOVE summer and everything associated with it.   I love Winter in Puerto Rico, particularly when you're on your way to the beach and the locals tell you you're crazy.... it's winter you know!   I know I love winter in Puerto Rico!   I love coming home in March with the Rochester winter winding down.

It feels like this trip is my summer vacation and going back to work after the trip is my September.  I measure my life by what has happened since the last trip and wonder wow, what does the year ahead hold in store for us.  This past year was a very good year.  Jay and I were talking about it last week.    It was a good year, not because anything "big" happened, but because nothing "big" happened.  In recent years big has been major illness for family and friends or major loss.   2011 brought us Max Koppers!  and he is a wonderful addition to the family!  We also had many laughs, Tiki Bar parties, and important reconnection's with friends.   Jay gave me my new camera, which I love, Kristen is full guns ahead into Photography ~ a partner in crime ~  love it!,  Jay and I had a surprising quick trip to Buenos Aires ~ a beautiful city! I got a Kindle Fire ~ which means I don't have to carry or mail books and magazines on the trip, I started swimming regularly ~  I LOVE swimming ~ Love it!  Tracy gave me snorkeling gear for Christmas ~ love him and the gear! and tons of other fun fun fun stuff ~  and mainly everyone plus 1 (baby Max) is still with us this year and we are all happy and healthy, even Sadie Girl!!!  It has been a very good year.  I think 2012 is going to be a great year as well.

So,  to get off on a better foot than last year (although it made for a great story) I have started to pack, and am trying to get everything ready I want to take....

    I'm ready....  Check back soon as we are less that a week and a half away from My
    Excellent Adventure with Jay & The Boys 2012!

    Sadie Girl will be in good hands... although she saw the suite cases come out, she   
    knows what's coming and she's pouting already...  The only downside of the trip,
    leaving Sadie home.


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