Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pitbulls, Paso Finos & the good life....

Warning!  This is going to be a very photo heavy post!   There is just so much I want to post and so little time to do so.  We're soooo sooo busy here.  Right now one day is just blending into the next.  Seems all we do is relax, wander, explore, read, sleep, eat, drink, swim.... Night has blended into day and everything seems like we just did it.  We've done a lot and I can't remember if it was yesterday or two days ago.

One day the boys and I went for a walk around our neighborhood.  It was a beautiful day. Oh yeah,  they're all beautiful days.   This is a very pit bull friendly island.  We saw a bunch on our walk, all very much living up to the pit bull reputation!  Lickers and lovers!  Here are a few we met during our walk.  Have no fear, they look tough.. they are indeed very pitbully and love people!  We were able to pet and play with them all!

We really like this guy.  He lives a few doors down.  He looks like a dalmatian pit bull!

I love the carefree, no stress life down here.  The other day they were black topping some roads.  We wondered what happen if cars weren't moved.  Not to worry...

We ended up visiting a hotel/restaurant we ate, swam and drank at one year.  It has new owners, who rushed right over when they noticed we were just hanging around.   Anyway, I took this picture for Keith.  Notice the concrete counter top.  Here Jay and Tracy are admiring it!   

We eventually made our way to the Pescadaria where the boys bought some lobsters for dinner.  They totaled 7 pounds.  They cooked them that night and I got steak.  I was expecting steak.... turned out to be skirt steak.  Oh well, steak is steak, right?  (no)

Kosti  had the need to name his lobster, Chip and Dale....

Along our walk, Kosti, the crazy one here, had the need to climb a palm tree to get a coconut.  Didn't work, but he tried!

Vieques is a beautiful, relaxing laid back Island.  There are no traffic lights, but there is "traffic" when the ferry comes in.   It's all relative, right?  This is the worst of the traffic here.  We've learned to stay away when it comes it.  Who would want to be caught up in this?

This is the worst of it!   Lasts maybe a whole 3 minutes.  It's all relative!

A few days ago, Popi (Jay) took me out to take photos of the Paso Finos.  I am just mesmerized by them.  They are all over.  Beautiful animals.  They all run free.  Some belong to people, some don't.  That morning we went out to a few different locations.  At first I just approached them and more times then not, they ran off.  Then I realized, (after Popi suggested it) to approach cautiously and kind of sneak up on them.  I did.  I realized that if  I got low to the ground, they were alright with me.  They are not large horses, but they are beautiful and graceful. I shot 600+ pictures that morning.  Here are a few of my favorites.  I just fell in love with them animals!!!!

Here I scared them off....

At the Ceiba Tree.

Details, I'm trying to get details.  Check out those eyelashes.! 

Well, the boys are awake.  Kosti wants to go shopping, so I'm going to end now.  I have not had my pitbull or Paso fill yet, so I'm off to pet a few Pitties, and gaze at a few Pasos.  I do miss my Sadie Girl...

                                                                Check back soon. More pictures to follow.
                                                                                            With warm regards,
                                                                                                    Janet & The Boys!

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