Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's my Vieques Birthday!!!!

So,  Tracy and I decided to change the dates we celebrate our birthday.  Both being born in January, we were tired of cold, snowy birthdays, so we changed them to our favorite month.  "February in Vieques".  Tracy's b-day was last week.  Mine is today!!!!! YaaaaaaA!

There's a lot going on today, and I've already had 2 mimosa's!  YaaaaA!  I make the plans!   So, here's what we're doing... 
                 1. Mimosas  
                 2.Glass Beach
                 3. Popi make us breakfast
                 4.  Go to the beach and float on our floaties and drink beer.
                 5.  Eat PB&J sandwiches on the beach
                 6. Look for Manatees
                 7. Go to Coconuts for dinner!

Sounds like a great day!  Oh and guess what I got from Tracy and Kosti!   The best card ever! and second best present ever!  see photos!!!!

My boys wishing me a happy 45th! BIRTHDAY!  I'm celebrating 45, because that was the year I had it all!  It was before Carol was sick, Andrew was doing really well and Jay Cruz and I were a forever thing!  It was a very good year.  Now, I have a different kind of all! (and its good). I have all the grandbabies, Jason, Kris, Mark, Mike & Josh are all healthy and happy.   I have Jay Cruz Forever.  I have the best, sweetest and closest friends Chris J., Tracy & Kosti.  And I have the spirits and memories always of Mom, Dad, Grams, Gramps, Carol & Andrew!   Life is oh so good.  Oh and I have the best dog ever!  Miss Sadie Girl!  

Look what I got for my birthday from my boys!  My very first Coach ever!!!!!!!!  LOVE IT!

Love to you all , thanks for reading! (time for the BEACH!!!!!)


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