Saturday, January 7, 2012

Shawna & Nick

My last wedding of 2011.   I was honored to be asked to document Shawna and Nick's Wedding on December 31st.  The day was both a joy and a challenge for me. A joy to be in the presence of Shawna and Nick and witness their love for each other. A challenge ~ I fought my camera the whole time.

While the Ceremony, location and people were all so gorgeous, the light in the late afternoon, early evening in the middle of winter in Rochester, New York made beautiful pictures a challenge.  I don't like fighting my camera.... I am not a fighter... I love my camera so... I don't like fighting with it.  We persevered.  I pushed my camera and my brain to their limits and I think everything worked out great.

Prior to their day, Shawna, Nick and I spent a few early evening hours scouting out locations in beautiful downtown Rochester, New York. It was during this time I decided on three words to describe them. Shawna and Nick are fun, adventurous and smitten. They laugh and joke and play. It's hard to be in their presence and not enjoy yourself. They love adventure. Oh! the places we went to test out different photo locations! All I can say is, it was quite the adventure! ...And smitten, these two are crazy in love with each other. What's not to love? They are two of the most beautiful people I have come across. Beautiful and sweet, kind and thoughtful, playful and happy ~ I could go on. Then there is Shawna, well let's just say she is not only a sweet person, but drop dead gorgeous! Nick's pretty cute himself, but oh my goodness..... Shawna is just stunning.

When I first met with them, Shawna and Nick told me they wanted photos around the city of Rochester at night. I knew my camera and I would be fighting right then and there. During our trial run, I discovered the beauty of the city at night! We just had to hope for no snow and or frigid cold. We got our wish, no snow and mild weather although we did get a few rain drops!

                              And so ~ Shawna and Nick * December 31, 2011 ~


Thank you Shawna & Nick for allowing me to capture your love and experiencing your joy!  It was a pleasure and an honor to take part in your Wedding Day!  I look forward to getting to spend more time with you both!

    Well, I have spent a lot of time with these pictures.... Sadie has tried on a few ocassions to get between me and the computer.  Guess it's time to spend some quality time with Sadie Girl!

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