Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Camuy and then some....

Our Trip to Camuy was on Saturday... The only way I remember that now is through my photo's.  (thank goodness they are dated!)  Here is our man Trace on the way down into the caves.  Thankfully we took a tram most of the way down, but we entered the caves on foot.  I am having way too much fun with this fisheye lens Kristen gave me to use. I thought the caves would be the
perfect spot to use it!

I had a bit of fun playing with images and the lens.... bet you can't guess who that is above!

I tried to get a portrait of the three of us on the way out... didn't quite work the way I wanted.... but I like it of my Men!

Before we hit the caves on Saturday, I spent some time hummingbird hunting at Mom's .  She has a pack of hummingbirds who come each morning for breakfast and late each afternoon for dinner.  Okay, maybe not a pack but a couple of them are humming around her flowers!  I didn't to too good with capturing them, but I did get two.


On one of my day dreaming trips, while internet surfing I found a condo for sale on the beach in Arecibo.  That afternoon we went on a drive by to see what they looked like.  Oh my, I am in love!  The road they are on reminded Tracy and I of a mix between Vieques and East Lake Road in Conseus... if you could imagine that.
 We made our way all to the end of the road to a biker bar and restaurant.  It was
    kinda like an open air Creekside Inn.  It wasn't your everyday dead end.  It actually
    ended at an inlet.  With a little piece of land separating it from the Atlantic Ocean.
    Great place, just off the beaten path, we would have to bring people here to see it,
    no  one would find in on their own, except for the bikers.

   We stopped on our way out to check out the beach across from my beautiful condo...
    Lovely, lovely, lovely.... we decided to run home, get our beach attire and return.
    That was Sunday.  While I did take many pictures, none worth posting.  It was a fun
    beach day.  Lots of people, and as Tracy pointed out.... many many beautiful
    muscled young Puerto Rican Men!  Many.
    We did dip our toes in the water.... had some pinchos from a truck, our favorite
    food, enjoyed the music being shared by all the parked cars, (although Jay tells us
    it's a good thing we don't understand Spanish, cause the music we were tapping our
    toes in the sand to was all about, putting things in and out, female dogs and garden
    tools) and just plain enjoyed the day in the sun on the beach across from my condo!
    It is clear that it is a young person beach on this beautiful Sunday.  No families in
    sight.   There were dogs with people on the beach.  Three caught my attention right
    away.   There was the big blockhead (pibble) who had a life vest on and enjoyed
    swimming, there was the little Chihuahua with two young girls who kept wandering
    to visit other parties and then there was the young man with the body who didn't
   quit, walking around with a tiny, newborn blue nose pittie in a towel.   I did manage
    to talk to him, the pup didn't have a name yet and probably shouldn't have been
    away from his moma just yet.

    Tracy was kinda tired of going to bed so early each evening, so he decided to head out on the town of Factor 2 to see what the locals had to offer.   He made it partly down the road, the local local bar was not open, it was too dark to venture on.  Jay decided he would head out with him.   They found a pizza joint with a TV, a beautiful Ricky Martin and some beers.

Sunday evening before it got dark, Jay and Tracy captured a tree chicken.  Well, they didn't really capture it, more like chased it into it's hole in the ground a buried it.  Little bugger, look what popped it's head up Monday morning...

The Tree Chicken!

Enough chasing chickens.... we decided we wanted to see what our beach looked like during the week.  Low and behold.... it was almost empty.....

 Above is the picture from the parking lot of my condo!  I only had the fisheye with me, but I still like it!  The unit I want is on the left corner, top unit.  It also has a roof top deck, can you see it?  I love it!   We weren't able to get in to see it, but a girl can dream.   Then I turn around to capture the view in the other direction and violia!

Beach, beach beach..... beautiful beach!  Complete with Turtuga nesting areas.

Such a beautiful, beautiful beach on the Atlantic Ocean side of the Island.
I love it!

My boys are getting antsy now, time to go do something.  I will continue as the adventure continues....


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