Tuesday, February 25, 2014

All is right with the World.... Puerto Rico 2014

 February 20, 2014  ~ Reader beware… these dates won’t correlate with the posting dates.   We are off the grid here.  For me to post, we have to find a local fast food establishment that has free wifi.  With that being the case, there may be two or three posts in a row on any given dateWe tried and tried to make it work at a few fast food places, to no avail.  Had to wait until today at the Ponce Holiday Inn!

This year is perhaps one of, if not the coldest winters on record in Rochester, NY.  Waking up to temps below zero gets old real quick. Originally we were planning a trip to Hawaii.  Things being what they may, it didn’t happen.  Tracy and the Russian, which would be my little Kosti Masti….packed up and moved to southern Florida. Hmm.  With that in mind and a few other events which we won’t get into here, Hawaii plans were put on hold.
Earlier this year ~ that would be the beginning of last month, Jay (AKA.  Papi, Papi Cruz, My husband) decided we would not take a vacation this year.   We have been putting off a new roof each year in the name of a vacation…this year it looked like the new roof won.   It won that is until ridiculous amounts of snow, crazy number of days in a row of subzero temperatures, grey skies…  Papi Cruz couldn’t take it anymore.  Helllllooooooooooo Puerto Rico!  We had to get out of dodge (at least the subzero weather and endless snow) as soon as possible. 

Yesterday we woke up to a balmy 25 degrees at home.  Believe me when you wake up with the temp at 10 below zero every morning for what seems like endless days, 25 degrees seems warm ~ Giving new meaning to the phrase, “it’s all relative”. ~  I had every intention of packing last weekend,  on Monday night after work, then Tuesday night.  Well Tuesday night snuck up on me and I couldn’t find my summer clothes, they were absolutely nowhere to be found.  I think wishful thinking got the best of me last fall when I started on the Dash Diet.  Thinking I would lose a crazy amount of weight before this season.  I seem to remember that I donated most of my summer clothes,  (don’t tell Papi).  You can probably guess the rest of the story.  I lost maybe 15 pounds, felt great and stopped paying attention, gained 5 back...and so the story goes.  Back on the wagon (or at least the DASH Diet).  Oh wait, we’re on vacation.  Packing, yes let me get back to packing.  If you have read previous any entries on any previous trips, you know packing is always a story with us.  It is no different this year.  Of course I was not worried about packing, because #1.  Two years ago we discovered that Moma Cruz (who we are visiting is Jay ~ Papi Cruz’ Mother) lives very close to an outlet mall.  Yes that is the truth!  Who knew…. And #2.  Every year when we visit Moma Cruz, I leave things here.  (toiletry type things).  Knowing #1 & #2,  I packed underwear, magazines, my three favorite pair of pedal pushers (aka.  Capris) two comfy dresses, powdered ice tea mix, almonds and almond and cranberry protein bars.  Papi of course packed his usual 3, 3 and 3, and a banana, a  bagel and two muffins.  (3 shirts, 3 shorts, 3 pair of underwear) and a big credit card.  Life IZZZZZZZZZZ good!

On my way to Puerto Rico!
We arrived in San Juan around 2:30 yesterday afternoon and headed straight to Casa Barcardi for our annual drink and purchase of the 12 year bottles of rum for the Tiki Bar.  Mission accomplished.  We got to Moma’s about 4 -4:30.  Of course she had dinner for us and then, and then…. We both went in for naps and didn’t see Moma until this morning around 7am.  We are on Vacation!
It is a beautiful day here in Arecibo!  85 and sunny.  Our big accomplishment today was a trip to the Outlet Center for some shopping.  I don’t know what I was thinking….. it is winter here in PR.  All the clothes they have out are winter clothes, long sleeves, sweaters, jackets.  I was able to find a few things, not as much as I was hoping… (actually not only was everything winterized, but big girl ~ as in Misses sizes were nowhere to be found).  Don’t worry ~ Walmart came through.  I was able to pick up a few big girl tees there!  That and what I left here last year, I’m good to go.

It was a long day, it’s getting late,  we are going to sleep early tonight for Tracy arrives at 3:30am or so and we have to go pick him up at the airport.  You cannot even imagine how stinkin’ excited I am.  It will be like the early years … Jay, Tracy and I. 
I have come to realize that home is where you are the most comfortable with the people who know the worst of you and love you anyway. 

Well we are finally at a location with WiFi so the posts should start coming....

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