Thursday, February 23, 2012

Two automobiles, 2 planes, one bus, one boat and a very steep hill.  We made it home!  Vivo Grande....

We had a surprisingly easy trip here.  Lots of modes of transportation that all went very smoothly.  Jamie met us at the airport (I love having a driver in Puerto Rico!) & and Gary met us at the Ferry (I love having a landlord in Vieques).  We had a great dinner at Mar Azul, met the new owners ~ Dan & Marie ~ (of course).  
A few bushwhackers later and we were off to bed!  What a day...

Well now I have to get used to this ity bitty computer again, and better entries will follow.  We have a busy day today:
              pick up rental car
             grocery shopping
             call DinDin about a snorkeling/fishing trip 

We're going to not let the stress of this lengthy "to do list" get to us.  To help me, I have just finished my favorite breakfast drink,  (actually 3) and am ready for the day!!!!!!!

                     I do wish Sadie Girl were here, but she's bonding with Josh, which is good!.  Love to you all!

                                                                                    Janet & The Boys!

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