Saturday, February 25, 2012

Island Time

We’re here.  It didn’t take long for us to settle in.   There is something to be said for the familiar. We  have already acclimated to “Island Time”.  Couldn’t tell you what day it is.  We have no sense of the need to “do something”.  We are just taking the time, moment by moment.

 It’s been 2 years since we’ve been here and we are noticing the creep of progress.  I fear the word has gotten out about our little piece of paradise.   The creep however is just a creep.  Things like the little house on the corner across the street from us, is no longer.  It was demolished at some point and is now being replaced by a Hacienda.,  Hacienda with a BIG H!  The thing is huge.  (pictures will follow soon, maybe tonight).   And Casa Verde, be still my heart has been painted yellow!  Oh no!  It’s also being rebuilt.  An attorney from Hoosick Falls, NY bought both pieces of property.   Glass beach now has three new properties on it.  Who knew there was even enough room to build there, but yes they did.   Beautiful little sea side villas.  They even built one around a Palm Tree.  Now that’s what I dream of!.  A house built around a palm tree.  Did you know I love Palm Trees?  I do!

Yesterday we headed off to the beach for our first snorkeling adventure and guess what, they paved the road to Caracas!  Unbelievable.   When we got there the place was packed!  30 or 40 groups.  Now if you have spent any time listening to my Vieques stories, you know my ability to count diminishes when I’m here.  So in reality, it was probably 10 to 15 groups there.  Either way to big a crowd for me.  So we turned around and headed to a different beach.  Thank goodness the road to La Chiva hasn’t been paved,  the bridge is out and we had  a bit of an adventure to get there.  We got there and it is still as beautiful as ever!  And, no crowd.  So I got to snorkel.  I didn’t see much, but I did see some beautiful fishes.  I do need to remember not to yell “fishies” when I see them, as I do think I probably scared them off.  A little girl who was also out saw a stingray,  I decided not to go looking for him.

Adventure why yes we have had some.  We locked ourselves out of the house one night.  The boys decided to go back to Mar Azul and I waited on the lounge chair in front of Kathi and Gary’s door until the came home.  It was a beautiful night and I probably would have sat  outside for a while anyway.  Yesterday we celebrated Tracy’s 29th Birthday.  Since we changed the dates of our birthdays and since they are our birthdays, we decided we can celebrate any year we want.  I’m celebrating 40 yrs next Tuesday!

We have seen lots of Paso Fino’s.  I think they have multiplied tenfold since we were last here.  I love them.  They are so beautiful and graceful.  Magical!  We’ve also seen  a beautiful roadside cow wandering loose and it’s brama bull!

Tracy and Jay and still sleeping.  The rum punches were especially gooooodddd last night!    Kosti and I are confiscating the credit cards, taking the car and are going shopping!  Toodles!

Oh yeah,  there is a new neighborhood dog, Sol.  She is a beautiful puppy Boxer.  She is very pretty and playful and she owns the neighborhood.  She lets herself into the yard.  Joins us on the deck and if we let her would come spend some time with us in Vivo Grande.  I still miss Sadie!

                                                            Hugs and kisses to you all, check back ~  pictures to follow!

                                                                                              Janet & The Boys!

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