Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hello 2017...

 I hope you are enjoying this great year we have been given.   We certainly are here.   Only a few glitches so far, but nothing we can't handle!

This the first time we are celebrating the New Year together since Tracy and Kosti moved to Florida 3 years ago.   In years past with the boys,  Jay and I would welcome the New Year  (midnight) with everyone and then head up to bed by 12:30am.   We decided that given our history,  we'd need a plan.  We would drop a car off downtown Fort Myers, once the New Year rang in,  we'd kiss, have some champagne,  and then Jay and I could head home sooner rather than later.  We all know how Tracy likes to ring in the New Year straight through to sunrise.  A good plan.... or so we thought.

The Beach was calling, that's were we decided to ring in 2017,   Fort Myers Beach with some friends!

Thinking it was probably going to be very busy there and  knowing that traffic on a regular day is bad, we figured we'd be spending hours getting there.   We left extra early ~ giving ourselves enough time to get there, settle in and ring in the New Year!

First,  drop off the car, pick up The BOYS!  We usually refer to Tracy and Kosti as 'the boys', but these two ~  Jon & Colin are "the boys".  Cute, young, fun, sweet!  Did I say young?  I could have given birth to them!  The Boys!  ( I think I love them!)

Jon & Colin

The process of dropping off the car was one for the books.  Jay's eyes are playing tricks on him so I had to drive.   Okay ~  not so bad you think however,  I was following "Tracy Andretti"!    Keep in mind, I had no idea where we were going,  actually I don't think Tracy did either.   After a couple of detours through Home Depot parking lot, almost running down some snowbirds, a U turn or two, we ended up at the correct plaza and Popeye's Chicken.  (we had to have something to snack on at the Beach)   Brainstorm!   Kosti, would drive our car and Jay would ride with Trace ~  I wouldn't have to keep up with Andretti. Better plan!

I had my Sippy cup filled with RumChata,                        
(my favorite).   Since I was driving,
I wouldn't sip (killing' me!).   With Kosti driving, I could sip... a lot!

Before we got to our destination I emptied my
cup.   U turn to the ABC store to replenish my
Rum Chatta!

Made it to Jon & Colin's house, safe and sound.   After packing and piling everyone into the jeep we were off!

Whew..... ready for traffic ... guess what... we breezed through.   No traffic.   A~mazing.  It's going to be a good year!   Our plan was for Tracy to drop us all off at The Lani Kai, and then he would go search for parking.   Amazing!   No need to drop us off,  we found a parking spot right out front!  It is really going to be a good year!

We had given ourselves a 2 hour window to get through traffic and find a parking spot.  Piled out of the car and found our spot on the beach, settled in and waited for the New Year!   We were early.   The Beach was kind of empty.   Hmmmm.... did we miss something?  Are there fireworks?

It was fun getting to know Jon and Colin.  Two little cuties!   Jon, I found out is a hug fan of Miss Darienne Lake.  Well of course, so am I! Could we can get her to come to Fort Myers?   I kind of selfishly want her to come to SWF!  She's the only one I let touch my hair and in a few weeks... let's just say she'll need to touch it!     We messaged her to check!

Miss Darianne Lake
Yay,  on her way on stage, she answered our plea!!!   She'd come if we can get a club to book her!    We have a mission!   Bring Darienne Lake to South West Florida!!!!

Oh so much excitement for the night and it wasn't even 2017 yet!

Around 11:15 ~ 11:30 the beach started to fill up around us.   The ice cream man showed up, people setting off fireworks, laughing, lighting Chinese  lanterns, getting married!  What fun!!!!

The Ice Cream Man!

Genna & Jim

Yay a festive night for sure.  So much fun!   There was a sweet young couple on the beach next to us who just happened to celebrate their wedding that night.  Lucky me!   Tracy asked if I could take some pictures.  I tried to explain to him, it was to dark to take anything worth wild,  he wouldn't hear it, he insisted I could take it!  I gave in, perhaps if he would shine his cell phone light on them, maybe, just maybe I could get something..... It worked!   Who knew? They were so cute!!

        ....then it happened!     People, kissing, fireworks!!!!   2017!!!   HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

                                                   2017, what a great year!

.... a change in plans.... the beach was so crowded, we decided we'd let the crowd and traffic calm down before we left.   Okay, we could do that, so... Jay and I wouldn't get to bed at 12:30 ... we could stay up a little later.....

We packed our stuff in the car and headed to the club in the Lani Kai.   Some drinks, some dancing and then they spot it!   Henna Tattoos!   Tracy decided all the guys needed to get matching "Turtle Clan Tattoos!"  (hmmmm feeling a little left out!).   Seemed like a good idea at the time.   Have ya ever gotten a henna tattoo?   Me neither, with these it took about an hour for them to dry.   Ummmm, celebrating New Year, sitting still for an hour while your henna tattoo dries.... good idea?   Jay got his done then someone bumped into him, it smeared.   He washed it off (or so he thought) and went and had the other arm done....and on the ride home going over a bump, it smeared again......Tracy was the only sober one, so he says that's why his didn't't smear as much!  (okay, sure!)  The rest smear city!!!

The Turtle Clan Boys..... (fresh)
...and here they are a few days later!
Two to three weeks with these ink smears..... fun!    We made it home, Jay & I that is by 3:30am.     What a year....first time in a long time,  this mature couple stayed out that late!   Our boys, Tracy and Kosti saw the sunrise.   January 1, 2017 was a lazy day at our house!

Welcome to 2017!  Happy Happy New Year!   


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