Monday, January 4, 2016

Welcome 2016!

Well today is the first "work day" of the new year, my new career, a new direction.  It's also the season premiere of ....   Drum roll..... "The Bachelor"!!!   Yeah, now you may think I am crazy or silly but I love this day.... and I'll tell you why later....

First, let's talk about the first day of work for me as a Photographer.... I watched 2 on line classes, did some editing and I spoke to my "I.T. Vice President"!   :)  That would be my russian, the Kosti Man!!!!!!!

In my previous post,  I walked away from a career of 37+ years.  Whewwww.  That was big.  It is sad as during the last 2-3 years of my career the situation took a turn for the worst.  It was a perfect storm if you will of things moving in a direction where I did not fit.  A direction that did not align with my integrity, I tried, but I couldn't do it.      After much soul searching and a great deal of support from my Husband <3  Love of my life, I walked away.   That folks was in November.    The next day we left for Florida.   Great big YAY!... fill my days surround by love!  My husband ~ Jay,   my "day husband" ~ Tracy and "my wife" (who also doubles as my I.T. VP) Kosti.....   They all fill rolls, they all love me to no end, they all make me happy and they all treat me like gold.  I am a lucky person to have the three of them love me unconditionally.

Before we get into "The Bachelor" which is an important part of this post.... Let's talk about 2016.

2016 is going to be a great year.     Almost 40 years ago, I thought I wanted to be a photographer.  I began my collage career in a Fine Arts Program for photography.   Even though fate took me in another direction completely,  I never put down my camera.  Today it becomes my focus!

I've made some decisions about this year.  First, it is going to be a great year.  I am going to take every opportunity to enjoy every minute.  I am going to really focus on loving for nothing.  I'm going to build a business.  I know there is more, I am will come back to that later this week.   "The Bachelor" is starting so let's go there!

Way back when when the series started, by sister  ~ Carol,  got caught up in it.  She loved watching it, never missed an episode.  I used to give her some much s&*t for watching it.   It seemed like such a silly premise.... It was also at a time when reality TV was fairly young.  Aside from "MTV's REAL World", you could count the reality shows on one hand.  I think it was just "American Idol" (which Carol loved also),  Survivor and  The Bachelor.  Given she loved the show so much, it was so far out a concept, I thought as the little sister it was my job to pick on her relentlessly.  ...and I did!   Teehee...  She loved it and watched, it was fun.    Shortly after The Bachelor began a spoof on it hit the airways!  "Joe Millionaire".   What a stinking hoot!

It just so happened that the night of the "Joe Millionaire" debut, Carol and I were on a trip together.   That night we were both to tired to go out so we stayed in our hotel room and came upon this show, we decided to watch.   It was hilarious.   We laughed so hard and so much!!!   I have to say, that night is truly one of my very very favorite adult memories that I have with my sister.   We laughed and laughed and laughed..... Okay so what does that have to do with "The Bachelor?   Fast forward a few years and Carol was diagnosed with cancer. During her illness I often found myself next to her watching The Bachelor.  I stopped making fun of her and began to enjoy our time together watching this show that she enjoyed so much.  At times we would reference Joe Millionaire and laugh.  We laughed, we cried, we smiled and we spent time together, her and I sharing the show.     Carol lost her battle with Cancer.  She fought the good fight.  She had a good life, short ~ but good.  She left an incredible mark on the world.  I love her so.

Let's step back in time again... when we started watching The Bachelor back then,  there was no  Reality Steve , we had to watch the season to the end to see who he (or she) chose to see if they chose our favorite.... to experience the insanity each week.   (Today I fast forward via Reality Steve! :))

Carol and I would watch and would make our predictions....  We would laugh, cry and watch the show together.   That's my point.  It's one of my last activities I did with my sister.  As corny as it was and as much ridiculousness as there was, I loved it and I love my memories with Carol from that time....

It's been 9 years since I spent that time with Carol, but every season of The Bachelor,  I look forward to the season opener.  I  prepare for an evening with my sister, even if it is in my mind.  I make myself all comfy.  I make some tea and sit back and watch.  Sometimes I even have a conversation with her about the girls (or guys) and who I like.  It is a silly happy place for me.   Isn't that what life is all about?  Find what makes you smile and do it!   Now, at the end of the night I check out Reality Steve and decide how many episodes Carol and I will watch or will we just watch the reunion, the final rose and after the final rose ceremony....

So folks here we go....I've set the night aside, so looked forward to it, sit here with Carol and watch!!!!  (on a side note, my incredible husband just made banana bread and the house smells so darn good!!!)  I do think Ben is a cutie!  So far a russian, a big rose head, twins and a little pony....
Oh wait, he's calling his Dad.... oh nice new twist!  Cute.....

Okay.  Let me go have some one on one time with Carol and The Bachelor....  my fun, my smile, way to start the new year!  Call me crazy, call me silly!

Go out and do something that makes you smile!   Who cares how silly it seems.  You're the only one who matters when you smile!  Go find your smile!!!!!!!!!!

                {{{{{{{{{HUGS to You ALL}}}}}}}}}   (oh no, the big rose is a dentist? and she's doing an exam?????  oh it's gonna be crazy!)


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