Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Healthy Eating!

Phase II
So we left you (or I stopped writing) after our first night here....or when we arrived and entered the condo.   It's really not bad,  We have the penthouse, but  now a couple of days in and no people to be seen.  We did find the pool.... it is a very pretty pool.  All to ourselves.  We found one of the benefits of being some of the only residents is that we can stand on our balacony and call to those of us in the pool that it's time to come home.... (the pool is about a 5 minute walk from the condo!)
Sunday started with our traditional mamosia's, and writing of the vacation house rules!  Rules are important.   They include stuff like, singing, dancing and being kind.   We didn't have any tape to hang the rules, but The Russian McGiver used toothpaste to hang them.   Getting ready for the beach will be fun on this trip as we have to motivate 5 adults and 2 tweens to get moving and get out of here.  While waiting for the other half of our our group,  the music was playing the Cupid Shuffle....  You need to see the video.  I can not do it justice to try to use words to describe myself, Kosti and Popi doing the Cupid Shuffle in the kitchen while waiting to head to the beach.   Belly laugh fun!!!!
Off to the beach!  Knowing it's winter here we headed to  what is suppose to be the most beautiful  beach.... (winter usually means beaches are empty).  We wanted to find Bahia Sucia.  (translation ~ Dirty Beach).  The name I think is to discourage folks to from going to it!     When we arrived in the general vacinity, we were instructed  (by the local police) to park about a 20 minute walk from the beach.    Hmmmmm, 20 minutes in the sun and 85 degrees, not happening.    Jay had a little conversation with the officer directing us, he explained that it was Sunday and all the locals were out.  He suggested we come back "tomorrow"  it would be empty and we'd be able to park in the parking lot.
U turn and in search of another beach..... We made it to Playa Combate ...... Pretty,  lots of people... good music.  A bar down the beach a ways for libations.  Nice day in the sun.  On our way back to our car we found a very fruitful (full) tamarind tree.  We love tamarind...... had to stop and pick some. 
We did do some grocery shopping the night before,  one of our little traveling buddies wanted steak real badly.    ~ digression ~  When met up with her, her sister and her dad on saturday, the girls stayed with us as Sean when to pick up Tracy and Kosti at the airport.  They hadn't eaten and wanted breakfast.  We had met them in a McDonald's parking lot.  Great, both Jay and I thought, we'd get McD's.  Nope, she announced she is on a health eating program, and had to eat good healthy foods, not junk food..... okay.
We headed off to find somewhere where we could get a "healthy breakfast".  Found IHop.  The girls had steak and eggs.  Jay and I split and omlette and pancake breakfast.  $50.00 later, the girls were happy with their "healthy breakfasts" of steak and eggs.   (they didn't eat the fruit however that came with it!).  They did eat the whole steak and eggs.....
That night we had steaks for dinner.  (healthy eating at it's finest!)  We thought it would be fun to eat on our top deck, under the stars.  Tracy got eaten alive by mosquitos..... never again is he eating outside! EVER!  We were all tired.... early night for everyone.

Monday morning mamosias!   I love Mondays, Mamosias, 80 degrees, sunshine.....  Sean is a cooking machine, he made breakfast for everyone.    Kosti and I headed off to the pool.  I did some laps (yeah right) and Kosti practiced his diving moves.  Lovely.  Since we have two young students here with lots of school work to do,  Sensei Hendershott called school into session.  An hour and a half of school work under his tutalage, 
Once school was out, it was time start to corral the crew to head off to the beach...... a few hours later we were out the door heading to Bahia Sucia.  I can't wait until you can see the pictures.  On our way to Bahia Sucia we passed through the oldest salt flats in the western hemisphere.  It was neat, kind of surreal.  Kind of funny as well given Tracy's need, affection and obsession with salt.  Around the same local was a very out of the worldly mud area.  We needed to stop and explore.  Walking across this was like walking in mucky quick sand.  Coulda lost a leg.....  I did get some beautiful pictures. 
Down the road there were some pretty pink, yes pink salt corrals.  And then out of now where, Bahia Sucia!  It is just a beautiful little bay area, with warm aqua blue waters..... ahhhh....  Mondays..........

There is a lot more fun to come, but I need to take a nap, so I'll continue later!  


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