Wednesday, February 4, 2015

And the count down begins...and my mind is all over the place!

It's that time of year again.  The count down begins for our Puerto Rico trip.  Like all of our trips, there is a twist.  To keep the suspense, I'm not going to share what it is until we get there!   It will be interesting.... something new, something we have not experienced since our first year... and that was a doosey of a trip. 

This year I am going to try to keep the bloggity blog up to date and not just visit once a year....

I love this bloggity blog. I love the memories we capture here.    I miss my Sadie Girl.  The blog has always started and ended with my Girl.  I visit past entries and all I think about is her.  She was my once in a lifetime Dog.   The best friend I have ever had....I learned so much of life and love from her.

I mark my life each year by our trips.  What has happened since last year.... what are the possibilities in the up coming year.  This year was a truly great year.  So many good things happened but the best was our little precious girl.  Our little Leah Rose was born!  She is just such a living doll.  I had a Leah ~ NaNa night yesterday.  I saw the future in her eyes.  I saw the making of great memories to come....

While we don't have our Sadie Girl her with us anymore, we do have the crazy,  little Red Rose.  She's a nut!  I will share more of the Rose and life with her down the road.

So my dear friends out there.... I'm back... the bloggity blog lives on....  The Rose has taken over our hearts.... and the fun continues....

As I'm sitting here writing this, Rosie is upstairs with Jay snuggling.  She is a different little pupper with a personality all her own.

The blog .... check back soon.


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