Friday, April 5, 2013

No time for bedtime story tonight....

So lately I have been pondering our mortality.  Why, who knows.... or could it be that ~ the world is rocking, well kind of trembling beneath my feet these days.

We went out to dinner tonight with Tracy and Kosti and Kosti's Russian friend ~ Ksenia.  She is beautiful and oh so sweet!   Love her!!  I like Russians.  And sorry Kosti~mosti, she is taller than you ~ and you do look like brother and sister.

Well we are going to have to skip a bedtime story tonight.  Late night and if I start editing now, it's going to be 3am before I go to sleep and I can not do that! 

Sadie is already snuggled up next to me, waiting for Popi to join us.  So let's do a short and sweet ~ what has been on my mind post.  As I mentioned already lately I have been conscience of mine, Popi's and Sadie's mortality.  I have even started counting the days (Sadie has bad gas tonight and I'm not sure how long she is going to last in the room here ~ it is BAD!  sorry I digress can not help it, it's smelling like the Drive through volcano / sulfa mine of St. Lucia!   BAD).

Counting the days, counting the days.  What days? you ask....

I counted, I have been alive exactly 19,400 days. Wow and exactly what have I accomplished?  I am living to a little beyond my 100th birthday (somethings I know).
So this means that I only have  20,819 days left.... with so little time, makes me not want to waste a minute!   Have to start planning a few things... like working on my "bucket list". 

One ~ okay I know 2 things on it, first hanging out with 2 Russian's reminded me I want to visit Russia in the summer.  I like Russians! 

I also want to visit Alaska.  That has always been on my list.   Return to Florence,Italy that goes without saying.

I also want to learn and be fluent in Spanish.

I want to have a home with a pool that I can swim in everyday.

I would like to meet and spend some time talking to Colin Powell.  (he's my if you could have lunch with anyone dead or alive ~ who would it be?)

hmmm, I know there is more.... but I'm tired and that's all I can handle tonight. 

                                      Okay I will make a better organized list tomorrow.  Now, Sadie is snoring, time for me to go to sleep as well.

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