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February 28, 2013 ~ Antigua

Poor Carnival!   Well lucky for us last month we were on Princess! Back to adding the post from our first day in port!    

Swimming with the Rays!     February 28, 2013

Well they let us off the boat today!!!!!!(Oh thank goodness)

 This morning we docked in Antigua. I didn't realize that at each port, a local pilot comes on board to dock the boat.... A little boat pulls up next to our boat and a “pilot” jumps on board....  same thing happens in reverse when we pull out of port. I tried to lean over to see how it works, if he jumps on and off or if there are ramps.  It happens so fast, I can't see how they could use ramps.  I think he jumps! 

Beautiful Island. Unfortunately we didn't have lots of time to explore,  we picked an activity and went with it.

 We decided we would all go on the excursion to swim with the Rays. We got up bright and early, grabbed some food and were off..... lines lines lines.
Surprisingly it was a simple getting off the boat, then the line to board a bus and head to Stingray City!

We were herded to Romeo's bus. After a brief bus ride, which Romeo narrated so nicely, giving us a little tour and bit of Antiguian history and we were off to swim with the rays! Apparently more than 60% of Antigua’s economy is based on Tourism. We certainly did our part contributing to the local economy.
Mark & Maurya on the way to Stingray City!
Kosti & Tracy

We got to Sting Ray City. A lovely little area where they promised us all the rum we wanted and a swim with the Rays.  I must say, the rum drinks were very strong!   This was a fun excursion, but it was us and multiple busloads of people. ~ I almost forgot to tell you.... when we docked this morning in Antigua we were one of 4 LARGE cruise ships..... that 's lots of tourists!

 Line up for the bus, ride to Sting Ray City. Get off the bus. Line up for the boats. Line up to get off the boat. Line up to have your picture taken with a ray. Line up to get back on the boat and so it goes.

We did it. Maurya lasted a little bit.  Now do you know Maurya like we know Maurya? She doesn't like crawly, slimy swimming things... (she would rather face macheti man then go into the woods.....)   We're proud of her, she did get in the water to see the rays up close,  but once one swept up against her it was all over! She was back on the boat faster than Kosti finds bling to buy!    Have you ever felt a sting ray?  They feel slimy and like a real strong muscle.   It reminded me of when a strong muscular pitbull rubs up against your leg.   They let us pet, pick up and feed them.  (I drew the line at feed, a guy got bit as he wasn't feeding them right)  Did you know the male sting ray has two penis'   hmmmm and they (the male ray) are about half the size of the female....  and with 2 penis' you don't need that many males.   We had about 15 females to one male!   Even though there were lots of people there, it was fun! As we held the rays, they took a picture of us. Tracy bought his and Kosti's. Quite a profit margin! One picture per CD for $15!!!!!!! Wow!

We did get to snorkle around for a while on a nearby reef .... lots of beautiful fish.  Unfortunatley no one brought an underwater camera this year.
Made it back to town in time for lunch. Romeo recommended a great little restaurant, Hemingway’s, as Mark and Jay were in search of conch chowder. Found it while walking around town, but not without being stalked buy people trying to sell us stuff or drive us somewhere. Lunch was kind of a luxury for Jay, Tracy, Maurya and Kosti as  the food was really good and they could smoke in the restaurant..  If you ever find yourself in Antigua, stop in at Hemingway's ~  it's worth it, fun place, good food, nice owners! 

Hey, remember yesterday I told you about the “free-be's" we learned about at our "shopping" class … well we had to hit all the shops that Kosti and I had tickets for.  First one we hit up, Diamonds International ~ free charm bracelet and charm plus a beautiful silver like (operative word being "like") necklace.  Wow.... fun fun fun!    Then off to find Del Sol for our free beach bags that change color in the sun!!!! Love it!!!!!

Jay and I headed back to rest. Surprisingly, it was very easy to board.  It was kind of nice as we headed onto the boat we were handed damp face clothes to refresh ourselves.   Through security and back to our little floating home on the Caribbean...

Jay and I took a good little snooze, then headed out for pizza and a show. Not bad, a nice little show with a little bit of Gershwin.
After the show, Jay and I wandered around a bit, then we headed straight to what I really think is my favorite spot! Movies under the Stars to catch Batman, the latest one of course and what did I do once settled in? You got it.... I fell asleep.

Tracy, Kosti and Mark and Maurya had a little party in their room and ended in the night club where you can smoke and drink, woooo who..... livin' large!
Well people now that we are back in the room, time for me to go to sleep for real! Kisses Miss Sadie Girl! Check back tomorrow for more crazy funnnn...... has been a long long hot day and I am tired.    See you soon.


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