Monday, October 17, 2011

Buenos Aires, Argentina...

We made it home safe and sound!  Another continent to add to the list of "been there!".   It was a quick trip, we never had time to leave the City.  What a city is it!  It has a population of about 3 million.  Argentina has a female president ~ Christina Fernandez de Kirchner and she lives in Casa Rosada!  (The Pink House) in Buenos Aires. 
"The Pink House"
How cool is that?  Elections are soon.  I'm backing Christina!  We know she's running as we watched people putting up posters supporting her like crazy. 

                                            The changing of the guards. 

  Evita's Wedding Dress and Wedding Portrait!  (even though Jay wouldn't let me 
   sing, I did sing silently to myself when I saw the dress!  don't cry for me....)

We arrived at 11am in Buenos Aires on Wednesday, couldn't check in to our hotel until 2pm, so we wandered around ~ very tired Americans...  On Thursday I wanted to see a Palace, so we walked to Casa Rosada only to find we couldn't go through it.  Thursday night we were your typical tourists and went to an Argentine Tango Opera.  It was really fun (I know touristy but hey we're tourists!).  I love watching Dancing with The Stars so much that Jay thought it would be fun for me to see a real Tango show.  He was so right, it was fun.   Amazing!  I'm going to really be able to rate the dancers now that I know what a real Argentine Tango looks like!  It is nothing like on DWTS.

We had until 5pm on friday to wander.  I was so looking forward to seeing the southern sky while we were down there.  I wanted to see how different it was, or if you could tell you were in the southern hemisphere.   Unfortunately we didn't leave the city.  It was either clouds or city lights that prevented us from seeing stars, so on friday we decided to go to the planetarium to see if we could catch a show.  We walked until I couldn't any longer and we took a cab once we were halfway there, only to find the it was closed for remodeling.  Oh well! 

Jay had to work Friday evening and all day Saturday.  Saturday morning I sat at a local spot and drank  cafe con lache.  Oh how I love cafe con lache!  It was almost as good as the cafe con lache that Jay's Mom makes.  After sitting and people watching for a while, I hit some local shops and came upon a street celebration....

Oh such fun!  And so, here are some of my favorite shots from the trip.

Our hotel room view!
Before our trip, I spent a lot of time looking at Buenos Aires photos other people have posted.  I challenged myself not to duplicate what I saw.  Wednesday was a very grey day.  It was raining all day.  They even had some sleet. Thursday was cloudyand rainy on and off.   Friday the sun came out and there was a very pretty blue sky.  I was able to practise shooting in high bright sun...

Traffic!  Lots and lots of traffic. Notice ~ no real lanes.  The really crazy thing is the left turns from right lanes and right turns from left lanes.  Amazing. 

On our way to the planetarium, Jay and I walked to United Nations Square. This was the one thing I had seen a picture of and wanted to see in person.   It is made of stainless steel and aluminium.  It represents a flower.  The petals open each day and close each evening.  It is controlled by a hydraulic system and photo-electric cells.  It's name, "Floralis Generica".  It is beautiful!

We also saw lots of dog walkers.  I tried to count, she had at least 10 puppers.

People had told us that meals all consist of beef and more beef.  We did find that to be true.  This is the sweet little family owned resturant that we ate at.  The beef is family raised. as well as the wine they serve is from their own winery.  The meal was to die for!  It was delicious.  Below is a shot of how they cooked our meal.  Each meal was served on the dishes you see in at the top of the photo with hot coals to keep it warm.

Buenos Aires is beautiful.  The architecture incredible.  I was so intrigued by the contrast of old and new.

... and then the palm trees... to know me is to know I love palm trees.  I will not bore you with all the pictures I took of palm trees, but here is one of my favorite shots...

It was spring when we got there.  We learned that the climate is more like that in the Carolinas rather than NY.  I had packed all wrong.  I think I packed for summer and was so proud of myself for not overpacking, until we got there.  Oh well.  I did have comfortable walking shoes.  Good thing.

 Well Sadie girl was well cared for.  She had Josh during the week and Mike, Mark, Marci and Jimmy on the weekend.  From what I can tell, she was spoiled!  I approve of that.

Well thanks for reading.....  Visit soon.    


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