Sunday, March 20, 2011

Getting home....

What a few weeks... It has been wonderful.  We have a dream of one day being able to call a tropical island home.  Some type of employment would have to occur to make it happen.  You know how vacations are a break from reality... Well Tracy decided to see if he could indeed make a dream real and work from an Island.  The verdict... YES!!!
Tracy's Caribbean Office.

What a dream, someday? perhaps!  Wouldn't that be nice!  Of course, I'm not exactly sure what I would do, but we know the boys, (men) can work from anywhere, as long as there are computers and Internet access. We need a plan!

Getting home...

We left the island on Saturday, took the 1pm ferry.  Right on time!  Go figure, just when I'm prayin' and hopin' for a ferry break down, it works and leaves on time.....

Hey but the really great, great news is..... We Saw a Whale!!! Unbelieveable!!! Amazing!!! Incredible!!! I spent the whole time there scouring the waters around me looking for whales.  When do we see one?  About a half hour before the ferry pulls into Fahardo!  Nothing like the very last minute to possibly see a whale!!!  Turtles, and panthers and whales!  Did I tell you about the panthers?   Lots of them all over the island....  Jay read a book while we were there on the history of Culebra.  In it, there was discussion about the panthers on the island.  Kind of like the chupacabra, loch ness and big foot...  we figured there was some truth to the legend as we saw hundreds of little black panther like animals everyday.  Okay, back to the whale.  It didn't breach, but there was a blow spout and I did get a picture!

The Whale!

Jay & Tracy

It was incredibly exciting.  Everything we have seen has been beautiful  Life has been so peaceful.  Luckily we didn't have to jump right back into reality.  We're off to spend a few days with our family in Arecibo!

Our driver, Jamie (pronounced "Hi Me") met us at the ferry dock when we pulled in.  Hey, we now have a "driver" in Puerto Rico!!!  How cool is that!  If you ever go to PR, flying into San Juan and need a driver to take you to Fahardo, or your hotel, or where ever, let me know.... I'll give you Jamie's number.  Such a nice guy.  On our way to Fahardo, Jay and Jamie became fast friends.  They got to talking about when they were younger and the stands on the side of the road.  Jamie decided to stop at one so we could eat  After getting our pork, Kosti  began to wander, (like he always does) and got picked up by a couple of "hot chicks" with their own little stand.

One of Kosti's hot chicks.   
 I don't know what it is about this Russian.  He picks up women like pickin up pizza, on a regular basis!  They swoon all over him.  They taught him to cook, and then let him take over!

Kosti learns to cook!

Kosti and our driver Jamie. Kosti takes over!

The Kosti Cod!
After we left Kosti's women, (who made us promise to come back next year), we headed back to San Juan.  Jamie asked Kosti if he tried Coco Frio.  Which we all have, then he wanted to know if we tried Coco Frio with Rum.... Hmmm. never thought of that.  Jamie, being the all service excellent driver host that he is, pulled over and got Kosti a Coco Frio and Rum!  How nice.

We made it to Arecibo, taking the scenic route of course!  Spent time with Jay's Parents and then made the long trip home on Wednesday.  Eventful.....

The good news, we're home and it's Spring and I'm back with my Sadie Girl!!!!  Yay. 

I learned a lot on this trip.  I'd like to think I always learn alot with everything I do.  I'm slowly getting back into the daily routine.  Give me a few days and I'll share my enlightenment with you all!

Enjoy Spring!   It's here to stay!!!!!!             



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