Monday, March 7, 2011

The beginning of our second week!

Wow, how time flies.  Only one more week here and then off to Arecibo for a few days.

Yesterday we went over to Culebritta, as you saw from the pictures I posted last night.  It was a beautiful day.  Lots and lots of sun.  We went with Brad, I think I got his name wrong in an earlier post.  Anyway.  Brad lives here 9 months of the year, then goes to Alaska for the summer to fish for 2 months, then he transports yachts from Florida to St. Martin, I think he said.  Very interesting guy.  On our way over to Culebritta, which is a 20 minute boat ride, he said if we saw a whale, we'd go over to see it up close.... boy was I searching for whales... unfortunately there were none to be seen.  Oh well. People have seen whales here since we've been here, maybe there is still time.

Culebritta is beautiful.  Jay didn't make it on this trip, the day before at Zoni, he got the bright idea of oiling up to even out his tan.  People don't learn!!!!!!!!  I haven't switched to oil yet, and I'm pretty dark right now.  I'll probably go to oil tomorrow.  There is a science to this tanning stuff!

As we pulled into shore a cruise ship also pulled in.  We were hoping they were just passing through, but they dropped anchor and sent dingies full of people ashore.  Our next hope was that it was Mark and Maurya's boat, as Tracy and Jay are certain they were sailing out of San Juan.  Then Tracy decided the only thing better then it being Mark and Maurya's boat, would be if it were a gay cruise.

It was neither.  It was a group out of Oslo.  They didn't stay very long, long enough to get a dozen dingies full of passengers to shore, have them walk to the other side to swim and then load them up and leave.

Brad, our guide had to leave us for a while to pick up another crew.  He showed us the way to the light house.  The oldest one in the Caribbean.  It's not in working condition.    He also directed us to Turtuga Beach and told us some spots to go to where there were little "pools' kind of like spas or "baths".    The boys went to the lighthouse, as it was high on a hill and I didn't want to repeat my  Mt. Fuji and Tracy adventure at this time.  I decided to stay on the beach. It was like the beach you see them take "the Bachelor" and one of the last three woman to when they get close to the finally.   It was just breath taking.  When the boys came back, we decided to take the hike over to Turtuga.  I figured I'd lead the way.  It was a single isle if you will, trail.  I felt like I was back at Haccamo as the Nature Head Counselor.  I thought if I kept Tracy behind me, he wouldn't walk at his usual fast pace and leave me in the dust.  He couldn't pass me.  I could tell he was kind a frustrated, but was very kind about having to slow down to my pace.  Tracy lives a fast life.  Right now he's reading Keith Richards Biography.  Hope it doesn't give him any ideas....

When we arrived at Turtuga, it was breath taking.  We weren't sure if it was the right beach or not.  It reminded me of Caracus Beach on Vieques.  Brad said there were turtles here and that the "baths" were over to the right.  It didn't look like the kind of beach where snorkeling would be good, or where there would be turtles.  Brad was suppose to come around to the beach by boat and introduce us to his turtle friends, "Ike and Tina Turtle".    We decided to head to the "baths" to take a look.   As we got halfway to the pools, I had visions of climbing Mt. Fuji with Tracy and Ashley. (guess it was not to be avoided) At one point halfway up Fuji, I decided I would rather die then continue.  It was pure hell on earth.  Or so I thought then.  Ya know, climbing up lava rocks, thousands of feet in the sky, with Tracy!  For as much as this man smokes and as hard as he plays, it does not slow him down.  On Fuji, he was always way ahead of Ashley and me and when he realized we were struggling, he would stop and wait for us to catch up.

Getting to the baths, may not have been a vertical incline,  but, it was rocky and looked to me to be similar lava looking, sharp, pointy rocks as on Fuji.  The difference here is it was 100 degrees at least in the sun with no shade in sight and going in the water was just as rocky.  I decided that this was really hell on earth!!!!!!!  Hot beating sun, a beautiful beach you couldn't get to because of the rocks, walking on jagged lava rocks and Tracy so far ahead of me, then realizing if I slipped I'd and hit my head, he wouldn't know it, and I could die and he would feel terrible.... So he would slow down and either wait or come back to find me.  He finally decided to try to stay at my pace.  Which is almost just as bad, cause I can tell he is bored, or frustrated, but he was being kind and caring, and not evil Dr Phil!  I love Tracy.

We made it to the "baths"... quite a let down.... oh well.  Back to hell on earth part 2!  I did not waste any time, I wanted to get it over with.  When we made it to the beautiful sandy part of the beach, we decided to swim for a while, while waiting for Brad.  We still weren't convinced we were on the right beach.

The cove, beach , bay, whatever was beautiful.  There were a bunch of boats there enjoying the sun and weather and a few cocktails.  Tracy's keen observation skills noticed that there was a particularly large yacht that had a police escort.  We decided it was either the governor or Ricky Martin.  The Yacht's name was "Pure".  So I'm gonna do some research on it, and see if I can find out who it was.
When Brad did  come over on his boat, he started feeding Ike and Tina.  sure enough there were turtles in the  water there.  Absolutely beautiful  He has been feeding them so much, that they will let you swim up to them and pet their shells.

No whales on the way back, although we thought we saw a blow spout.  Couldn't find the whale it was connected to, so perhaps it was just wishful seeing.  It was a great day!  Long day in the sun.  The boys were fried and decided no sun today for them.  Jay has also decided to stay out of the sun for another day.  Looks like it's me and the "deeping pool" today!  It's beautiful, and warm and there is a nice breeze out there.... gonna go now.  I love it when you can walk around in a bathing suit in March!

I miss my pooper, but I have taken every opportunity to pet every dog I see!


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