Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Ameri-ssian!

Well, "the Ameri-ssian" keeps asking if I'm posting about him, so today will be a whole post about him   His name is actually Konstantine, people call him Kostya for short.... Still to formal for me, I call him "Kosti".   He is actually "Ameri-ssian", with a very heavy Russian accent.   He says "no", I say "Yes".... I get to listen to him, I should know.

So what is there to say about him..... oh so much!

Let's start with communication.  Communication can sometimes be fun.... We had a whole day craziness once due to "fifty" and "fifteen" in "Ameri-ssian"..... Fun fun funny!!!

We are sort of in paradise right now.   Southwest Florida weather,  living with good friends,  lots of laughs,  2 blockheads (dogs).... but when it comes to communication it can all turn on a dime.   That can be funny or it can be hell...depending on the circumstance.   Here, we'll stick with the funny!

Kosti is a very kind soul.  Loves his Moma..calls her every day!  He is a very sensitive man, cute and stylish... He does have his own sense of style, all his very own...can be good...can be interesting.   He and I have very very different tastes and that's what makes the world go round, right!   He's a great cook and likes to take care of his man.    And...most of all he likes to be the center of attention.  Parties are always a story the next day when the women swoon all over him....  & they do!   What can I say?  We love him!   He keeps life interesting.

He loves his Man,  Me and Popi Jay his dogs and his Momma!  Oh and let's not forget bling and mani-pedi's!

                                        I wish you many good belly laughs every now and then!  
                                                                          Pacca pacca....


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