Sunday, March 13, 2016


We've been down here in Florida living a "snow bird"life for over a month.  Life is good!   This change in lifestyle has given me the time to reflect on many things along with the time to spend on me!   While I have been lax in posting here, I have been very active on Instagram and Facebook.  There was a point early on that I feared my activity on social media would alienated some of my friends.  At first I understood and felt bad.   I stopped posting about how warm it is here, how happy I am and all the great experiences we're having.....     Then I got to thinking....

I believe there is a natural balance to life.  There are good periods and things in our lives and there are bad periods and experiences in our lives.   We are all born into different families.... with that comes certain advantages or disadvantages... a variety of opportunities .... values.... skills.... I could go on.  I also believe that by our mere existence, bad things will happen.  We don't have to do anything and boom~someone we love has cancer or a tornato will blow through and we lose everything.  We can't escape the bad, but we can minimize it.  We can look for the "silver lining" we can appreciate the good when we can see or feel it.   No matter how bad it seems at the time, there is always someone out there going through worse.   I believe the we should not look to create bad, we should focus on creating a happiness and love around us.

I very strongly believe that there is a natural balance to life.   We all go through tough times, but if we are open to it and recognize it, a period of good will follow.  I hurt and am sad when I see people I love  and or care about going through hard times.  I hope I can offer some relief or understanding to their situation.  I am happy and thrilled when things are going good for them.

I love my life.... I love the good, bad, happy and hard times.  Everything I have been through has made me who I am.

My life is good right now, very very good!  I hope that the people in my life are happy for me.  Remember, I think life has a balance.    I remember when I was 10 years old, I thought that was the best year in my life.  I didn't think it could get any better!   If my life was a novel, that would have been foreshadowing.  Little did I know that probably was one of the best years of my life.... I had it all!  I had a home, unconditional love of my family.  I had a "traditional" family, (you know two loving parents, siblings)  I had friends. We lived in a neighborhood where people talked to each other, visited and spent time together.   I had  Grandparents who adored me! I had Aunts and Uncles, cousins I loved and did things with.    I had it all!!!!!!   While some S#*t did happen earlier in my life, it was nothing compared to what I would face in future years.....Thinking back to that day I proclaimed 10 was the best year of my life, I now realize it was all those great people who made it the best year of my life!

As a young person I hit that balance really fast.  I lived some really good times,  and then the down.  It took many years before I could see the good, but when it happened it was great.  My sister and I were always determined to recognize the good when we found it.  We would look for it.  We knew that if we had roofs over our heads, people in our life who loved us and were alive and healthy that life was good!  We knew it, celebrated it and let it happen.  We knew at any moment the natural order of things could change, and tragedy could strike and all we did to cause it was wake up in the morning.    We had a good 25 years!  Life was good.   Balance!  The past 10 have been rough for me, really rough, but you know what..... right now life is good!   Life is so so good!  If you can stand it, and if you can be happy for me, come on this journey with me.  I will let you into this good life we are living and share the joy!  Please don't be jealous, or envious or hate me!    Look for the balance in your own life.   Take control of it, recognize it, call it out.  

Today is one of those days, I can't help be seeing how good I have it!   Tomorrow I will bring you up to speed on the life of a "snowbird".

Go fine some good in today!   Hugs  all around!  


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