Tuesday, November 17, 2015

T minus 3 days, but who is counting.

T minus three days until I "retire".... hmmm.   Really?
No, T minus three days until the real adventure begins.....  I am leaving the field I have loved and been a part of for 37 years of my life... Why?  long story, let's skip it.   
I will pick up my camera and start on a new adventure..... stay tuned.

To go along with that, my incredible, adorable husband has agreed to get out of Western NY for the winter.... Hallelujah!   

We are heading south to hang with the boys, so you know that will be fun.  We have a 2 week test drive starting on Sunday....  I will blog it, don't you worry!  

I can not wait!   I am posting this quickly, gotta get into the habit of posting.   Jay said I can't sit home and do nothing..... why I ask?  Well hang on, it is about to get adventurous, fun, relaxing, can you say Warm?    Yay!!!!
                                        be back real soon now!

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