Sunday, March 10, 2013

Phase 2 of our great adventure vacation.... Fort Lauderdale with the boys

So,  dates may seem a little off here.  They are!  I did have every intention of blogging about our adventures as they happened.  However, we got on the ship and it was 89 cents a minute for the Internet.  It was a very slow connect and it would have cost in excess of $500 to publish all the posts while we were on the ship.... I did keep a daily log, now I'll put them up day by day and add pics!  

Sunday ~ February 24, 2013
We left Puerto Rico bright and early this am. It was a smooth and uneventful flight, and quickly caught a taxi to the hotel. Thought we came up with a “good” taxi. Turns out he was a smooth talker.... Oh well. He got us to the hotel, where we caught up with the boys, Tracy and Kosti. They came in yesterday and got the lay of the land. We were going to spend the day in the Everglades,  after haggling with our “good” taxi driver for a bit, then striking a deal for him to take us to the Everglades we were off. About 5 minutes into the ride, we asked one more question... it turns out he was taking us to a mall. Said he thought that was were we wanted to go..... Hmmmm, communication difficulty?   He said the Everglades was too far for the fee we decided on. So we decided to rent a car and drive ourselves and of course, he had a deal for us.  Once again,  too good to be true. We had him drop us off at the beach.... we need to remember to ask all questions and then one more when something seem to good to be true.

Our Russian.....before the honey!

Kosti took us to his favorite new store. “Diamonds and Doggies”. What a great concept! Two of our favorite things! The place was packed! Kosti fell in love with a little tea cup pup that he wanted to bring her home. We managed to convince him that she would just be a snack for Austin & Texas. Broke his little heart!
Beautiful beach, lots of beautiful people..... beautiful day..... time to head back to the hotel to get ready for tomorrow.

The evening was eventful as we headed out to the Mai-Kai restaurant for dinner and a show. Mark and Maurya arrived just in time to join us. Yay The Church of the Blue Durango together in Fort Lauderdale!   Dinner, Polynesian dancers.... fun. Well have you ever gone to dinner with a Russian who is allergic to honey? Take note here, this is a theme that I am sure will re-occur! Anyway, who thought, (we obviously didn't when we made our plans for the evening) Polynesian food includes honey in many of the recipes. Needless to say we had a very unhappy Russian at dinner. He did manage to ingest a small amount and did not feel good... And so we learn.  Dinner and the show wasn't bad for us non-honey allergic beings!
Back to the hotel to get some sleep and get ready for the am. Maurya wants to get the the boat early!

Adios! Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of the Church of the Blue Durango!

I do miss My Sadie Girl, but know she is enjoying her time with Jason, Carol and the boys.


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