Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blogging time

Winter is dragging on.   Thank goodness that means our annual trip to islands south!  This year, winter has meant not feeling well.  2013 will go down in history as everyone you talk to has been sick!  Yuck.   

As I've been sleeping, resting and waiting impatiently to feel better, I am so grateful for my Sadie Girl.  She has stayed right by my side for the past 3 days.  She knows I'm not feeling good.  I've always appreciated her love, but never more than now. 

She is calm, she is patient.  She curls up next to me and comforts me in her own way.  She doesn't complain.  She's my Sadie girl.

This year we celebrated her 13th birthday on January 22.  Wow!  My mind knows she won't be around forever, but I have been dreading that she the vet told me she was considered a Senior at 8 years old!  Ha... We'll give them "Senior" won't we Sadie...

Then this brings me to the fact that as our annual trip always does, it takes me away from my Girl for a few weeks.  This year she'll be splitting her time.  I'm sure she'll get lots of love and attention. 

Well, this year the trip I'm sure will be an adventure as always.  Jay and I head down to see Mom in Arecibo for a few days, meet up with Trace and Kosti in Fort Lauderdale and the Mark and Maurya to set out on a Cruise.  10. day. cruise.  Open mind, I am keeping an open mind.  Cruises to me is a large floating hotel.  I'm good in a large hotel for a day or two, then I've had enough.    Open mind.... I am keeping an open mind.

                                             Well, join us as we prepare for this years adventure!

                                                      Janet & Sadie Girl


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