Monday, August 29, 2011

Sisters, Best Friends & People who mean the world to Us

Today I spent the day running around.  I always find myself thinking crazy, deep thoughts when I'm alone in my car.  Today was no different.................................

I got to thinking about Sisters & Best Friends and the significance of the relationship those titles allude to.  When we introduce someone as our sister, it is someone we are very close to. Someone we grew up with, confided in, someone we love.  Then I got to thinking, sometimes people might not "get it" and we go on to explain,  "she's my sister and my best friend"  as if being sisters doesn't convey the strength of the relationship.  I realize that there may be people who have sisters that they aren't that close to, and best friends who are closer.  To have a sister who really is your best friend, oh my goodness, there is nothing quite like it.  Having a sister is one of God's greatest gifts. I am so fortunate to have had Carol for the first 46 years of my life, and I am incredibly grateful for the gifts she has given me.  While we are different in many ways, we are the same in others and I always like to think, together we were the best of our Mom.

My thinking didn't stop there, oh no,  I went on to think about when we introduce our best friend to people.  For friends we are really close to and have had in our lives for a long time, "best friend" doesn't always convey the significance of the relationship.  So we take it one step further and explain, She's my best friend and more "like a sister".  I am fortunate enough to have friends who I explain they are "my family",  I count myself lucky to have those relationships.

Isn't it funny how the words and titles we use, when used alone don't always convey the depth and significance of the relationship &  have to use the other to strengthen it...

I think this can be said for any close relationship whether a sister, mother, brother, father, aunt or uncle.  I know when I tell people Kristen is my niece, I want them to know, that she is oh so much more to me than a niece,  She's also my sister, my best friend and lately she's been reminding of my Mother!  She has so many of my Mom's qualities.  It's amazing.  I just love seeing it.   Maybe Kristen and I are the best of her Mother (my sister) and my Mother (her Grandmother) ...  I love that thought.

I could write for days about my sister and the amazing relationship we have.  I won't tonight for I choose to keep it close to my heart.  One thing I know for sure is that the joy of the relationship is why there is so much pain when the relationship changes.  My relationship with Carol is still as strong as ever in my heart, the change is that I can't have the two way, out loud conversation with her that I had most of my life.

I wish you all the love of a sister and strength of a best friend, the joy that makes the pain worth it..........

August 2011 has been an interesting month.  Lots of things have happened this month to bring Carol (my sister and best friend) to the fore front of my mind. 
It has been a great month having her spirit so close.

Carol & Kristen 2005  <3

Before I was anything else I was Carol's little sister
                                                                                     aka ~  Janet

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