Sunday, February 27, 2011

Getting here....

We made it.... blogging down here isn't going to be as easy as I had thought.  I am using Kosti's ity bity computer and the internet speed is ... well let's just say it's on Island time.   I do love Island time, so stick with me while I get used to it.  Unfortunately, until I can get on Tracy's computer there are  going to be no pictures.  Perhaps tonight he'll log me on and we'll be good to go. (given the speed of the connection, there won't be many pics until we come home).

Our travels down here were nothing short of a few half hour sit coms.  It all started with ... my men all started the vacation at 5:05 pm Thursday night. This is an important fact on this vacation as none of them had packed yet and the condition they were in when they did pack gave us some good laughs last night and this morning as we are unpacking.  Anyway, they went straight from work to island time.  When Jay did make it home friday morning, he had me pack for him and what did he pack\? a banana, a cheese danish and sandwich rounds.  I kid you not.  Guess what we had for breakfast this am? Well the banana went bad fast, but we had danish and sandwich rounds.

Time to go grocery shopping.  I'll add more later.  The grocery store closes at noon.  Sadie is good. Well taken care of.  \check back soon.    Janet

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